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Be Matte, But Not Chapped With This Liquid Lipstick!

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Give a girl the right lipstick, and watch her conquer the world! Boy, have I taken that to heart. Whether it was a tempestuous affair with MAC Mocha, a brief but brilliant liason with glossy lips, or even the lipstick that perked me up through those dark winter months, I can confidently claim I’m Hauterfly’s unofficial lipstick junkie. This week, I’m getting my fix with the classic Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick – a pigment-packed lippie that surprised me. Read on to find out why I’m already planning on buying another.

I chose to try on the shade “Deep Thoughts”, a luscious chocolate-hued, edgy nude, well as edgy as a nude can be. First up, the expectation with any liquid lipstick is that it’ll dry out your lips, and eventually leave them so dry they could pass off for the floor of a desert during a drought. Or it’ll be so sticky, you’ll constantly feel like you’re gluing your lips together. But, I’m happy to report that the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick stepped clear of those pitfalls and delivered a super comfortable wear, thanks to its Primer Oil Complex.

The lipstick promises to not smudge, budge, or feather and that pretty much held true to my experience. The defined tip makes application easy, and the lightweight formula doesn’t feather. Unfortunately, the lipstick didn’t make it to the promised 8-hour mark, but the lipstick survived 2 meals and ‘werked’ its butt off for 5 hours without fading.

Weighed against how good it felt on my lips and the fact that I didn’t have to touch up every time I took a sip of coffee, I’d say it’s a good bargain. I’d rather have my lips feeling brilliant, and reapply every 5 hours than choose one of the other, more resilient formulas and have my kisser all parched.

The brand has introduced 20 new shades within the popular liquid lipstick range and I’m shook. The formula offers a one-swipe pigment-packed punch, and a quick perusal of Nykaa shows me that you can pick from up to 40 shades within multiple ranges like the mattes, metallic mattes and bolds. Priced at Rs 1,900 for 4 ml of product, it’s a bit on the steep side, but I think it’s a tiny luxury that you should totally consider splashing out on.

SHOP NOWSmashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick – Deep Thoughts (Rs 1,900)


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