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Review: Plum’s Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Treatment Does What It Promises

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I feel like winter is a curse for us dry-skinned people. Especially those like me who end up having flaky skin even during summers. And don’t even get me started on how horribly parched our hair behaves during the winter. For context, I have dry, wavy hair. My hair turns into a bird’s nest due to how dry it is during the winters. And the flaky scalp that comes along with it is just the cherry on top of this disastrous sundae. Hence, I was eager to try the new Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Treatment by Plum. The range comes with a shampoo, conditioner, serum and scalp scrub. Having tried this range for a month now, I have quite a few things to say about it.

Plum Tea Tree Dandruff Control Shampoo

This shampoo has a semi-runny consistency which is perfect for application. The smell is literally of tea tree (which is the case with the whole range). I personally found that while it takes me two shampoo washes to get rid of the oil in my hair (champi is elite), it took me three with the Plum Tea tree dandruff control. The shampoo doesn’t lather up a lot which could be a turn-off for some but I didn’t really have any problems with it. It does leave my scalp feeling squeaky clean. While the shampoo doesn’t particularly moisturise my hair, it doesn’t dry it out either. This comes for 550 for 300 ml.

Plum Tea Tree Dandruff Control Conditioner

I think the conditioner is one of my favourite products in this range. The texture is thick and creamy like a conditioner out to be. The Plum Tea tree dandruff control conditioner might not leave one’s hair smooth from the get-go but it will leave your hair manageable and smooth once it dries down and settles. This retails for 520 for 200ml.

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Plum Tea Tree Dandruff Fighting Scalp Serum 

The serum I feel kinda subverted my expectations. And I don’t mean it negatively. While serums are of course not meant to be oily, this one is definitely runnier and feels more like a watery liquid than anything else. Which makes sense because, unlike traditional serums, the Plum tea tree dandruff fighting scalp serum is meant to be applied only to the scalp to lessen your issue with dandruff. The packaging has a pointed applicator which is perfect to apply on sections of the scalp and the runny consistency makes it easier to apply. This costs 650 for 110ml.

Plum Tea Tree Buildup Control Scalp Scrub

Okay, so I have never used a scalp scrub but being from the flaky scalp family, I have always wanted to try one. This was the product I was the more excited for. Plum tea tree buildup control scalp scrub claims to contain tea tree oil, shikakai powder, brahmi powder, walnut, coconut shell powder and propanediol caprylate. I do feel like the scrub is great for someone with a sensitive scalp as the exfoliating particles are pretty gentle. However, I would personally prefer it to be a little harsher. Having said that, it did get rid of a lot of my flakiness and my scalp stayed dandruff free for longer whenever I used it. This costs 450 for 100ml.

Final Verdict

So… the Plum Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Treatment range is pretty good in what it claims to do. My scalp was left cleaner than before and dandruff-free for longer. My hair also didn’t dry out due to it and was pretty manageable despite its usually erratic nature. My hair fall is still a bit erratic though, and I hope it is only seasonal. All in all, the Plum Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Treatment range is a good range for those that want a dandruff-free scalp and manageable soft hair with fragrance-free products.

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