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5 Amazingly Effective The Body Shop Products That Are Available In India

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The world of beauty & skincare can be confusing, that’s why we’ve come up with The Best Of Hauterfly – where our editors hand-pick the products that they cannot live without. These products are our tried, tested and beloved makeup and beauty kit staples that we depend on for factors like staying power, effectiveness and pigment. We’ve listed the best products, so you can splurge without the guilt. Today, we’re picking our favourites from the brand The Body Shop. 

I have recently started indulging in skin care products and even body lotions. The only reason I didn’t before was because of the hassle and the trouble I had to take to apply that lotion. Also, if I had to ever take down a number, I could do it on my hand by scratching it on. Of course, that’s an advantage. But, things are different now. Right now, if you come up to me for suggestions on the best body lotions or skincare products, then I will start giving you ideas like the salespeople at the stores.

One of my favourite brands in the skincare genre would be The Body Shop. But it’s a family thing. My mum swears by The Body Shop products too. I was first introduced to their products through my aunt who would fly down from Dubai carrying goodies for us. And invariably, the lotions and shower gels would make the cut. And I was hooked. I loved the vitamin C range she brought for me.

I would like to thank her for introducing me to this amazing brand that is vegan and cruelty-free. For all those who are new to taking care of themselves, welcome to this side of life, where your skin is smooth like a baby’s bottom. Here’s a list of The Body Shop’s products that I have loved. And bought a lot of.


I like staying moisturised even in summers simply because dry skin can get really annoying. I like my hands and feet soft, but the problem with most of the lotions is that they are super oily, which makes me want to wash my hands off. And then there is no point in applying the lotion. Then I came across The Body Shop’s Body Yogurt. A lotion I want to marry because it absorbs in to my skin leaving my skin moisturised and not sticky. So, be it summer or winter, you can always rely on this product.


Bananas are known for providing shine and moisture to your hair and scalp. They also happen to control dandruff. So, instead of mashing bananas why not try this amazing product that contains real banana puree?  It smells a bit like a banana sundae and keeps your mane shiny like you’ve given it some serious TLC. Trust me when I say this actually gave my mane the shine it had kind of given up on.


I remember my mum had gotten this product last year and she wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing this shower gel was. Okay, so how good can a shower gel really be, you think? So good my mum’s a convert. According to her, her skin had never felt so moisturised and smooth before and I didn’t believe until I tried out and she was absolutely on point with her feedback. So, if you still refuse to apply lotion, then this one is for you. Also, it smells delicious.

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Yep, I see you drooling. And that’s exactly how this Body Butter smells; like fresh strawberries. But that’s not the point. This body butter moisturises your skin for up to 24 hours. So, you will have soft smooth skin all day long. This one is slightly heavier, so this is better suited to colder climes than that of Mumbai.

Made out of real tea tree leaves, this product will make you want to go back to it again and again and again. You get my point. Why I say you will go back to this product is because it focuses on your impurities, blemishes and leaves your skin mattified. This also contains 15% of tea tree oil concentrate. So, what’s not to love about this product? The description says “This concentrated target solution carries a clinically proven claim to give visibly clearer-looking skin in one week.” And it doesn’t make a tall claim. This one works.

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