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There’s A New Beauty Experience Store In Mumbai And It’s Super Instagram-Friendly

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Let me take you back to a time before the pandemic. Times when we were mask-less. Times when we would walk up to a beauty counter in a store and randomly swatch lipsticks on our hands. Then as the counter lady hovers over our head, we pretend to check out a bunch of other products. If you felt like you want to really try something out (or you just wanted to look good), you asked her to apply the foundation on your face so you could check for the shade. Then you either make a purchase or sheepishly smile and slink off.  Weren’t those times wonderful?

Now, I haven’t stepped too often into a mall recently, and I certainly even walked close to a beauty counter. I don’t know how to test a foundation during these tim. Should I apply a lipstick on my lips to test it out and risk it? To see if the shade works with my skin tone? *gasp* For the most part, I am unwilling to part with my mask and so lipstick testing is just…well, not happening.

So I was super hesitant when the peeps at Myglamm told me they had launched India’s biggest beauty experience store but I did want to check it out, it sounded so interesting.

Myglamm- Vanity

I drove all the way over to Juhu and reached the store and I was immediately drawn in by the gold and coral colour scheme. And the space is big and airy and it will appeal to your Mary Kondo side because everything is neat and tidy and perfectly placed.

And while the store has their entire line and collection, because…it is their store, what it also has is all these cool spaces for more to happen. There’s a stage for masterclasses, there’s a space for content creators to get some really fab photographs. There’s a space specifically outfitted out for Myglamm to work with co-creators so they can create entire lines. Everything about this space screams modern, exciting and fun.

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Myglamm- Private content room

There’s a lot of foresight in the store, you can tell. They have booths that are designed to be Instagram-friendly, specifically designed spaces lit up well and that cool chic that make for fabulous backdrops for insta videos and reels. Basically, this is a beauty experience store where you can shoot a month’s worth of content. And you will have some pretty interesting things to look at.

When you finally do step out, step in to the Myglamm beauty experience store and you will enjoy the little nooks and crannies. I was particularly drawn to the life-size lipstick which I may or may not have tried to smuggle out of the store.

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