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Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands To Shop From For Sustainable Skincare And Makeup

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As a consumer, it’s essential for us to be ethical and mindful of our consumer habits. But sadly, not many of us think of it when we invest in beauty products. We usually focus on the texture, quality and brand of products that we forget all about how it impacts mother nature. We never stop to think about our environmental footprint when we invest in beauty products. If you’ve been a careless shopper, today is the day to bring about some change. On this Earth Day 2022, let’s all focus on what we can do to pick eco-friendly skincare and makeup products. But the fact remains that not many of us understand how eco-friendly brands work. Beauty brands are known to be the worst offenders when it comes to polluting the Earth and draining natural resources but with sustainable practices and eco-friendly brands and packaging, this has begun changing. And to save you the trouble of looking for such brands, we’ve put together a list of conscious brands that you can shop from on this Earth Day.

1. Saltpetre

Salpetre is an eco-ethical brand that offers a range of natural and sustainable and cruelty-free products. It offers organic products that don’t have a negative impact on your skin or on the environment.


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2. Forest Essentials

This brand believes that if you cannot eat it then you should not use it either. Apart from its Ayurvedic roots, Forest Essentials also manages to create a balance by providing your skin with products made with natural ingredients and packed in environmentally safe packaging material with minimum use of plastic. It’s also a cruelty-free brand that sources ingredients from local farmers with efficient waste management systems in place in a manufacturing facility that is designed to have zero carbon footprint.


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3. Kama Ayurveda

Launched in 2002, this brand is known to develop products with Ayurvedic techniques from Tamil Nadu. In fact, it has a partnership with a century-old Ayurvedic Pharmacy as well. Kama Ayurveda products are cruelty-free and free of artificial colours and fragrances. It also gives back to the community by sourcing locally grown ingredients.


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4. Khadi Natural

This Indian brand is an eco-friendly organic beauty brand that has made natural beauty products available to anybody and everybody. The products from Khadi Natural are created with the help of ayurvedic specialists as well as dermatologists.


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5. Raw Beauty

Raw Beauty has eco-friendly packaging and avoids using plastic containers and bottles. The brand glass jars and bottles as well as refillable containers that are biodegradable. It also does not use bubble wrap.


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6. Ruby’s Organics

Ruby’s Organics has a range of eco-friendly makeup products including lipsticks, concealers, foundations, bronzers and other products that are 100% organic. These products are safe for your skin as well as the environment.


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7. SoulTree

Be it skincare or makeup, SoulTree is the one place that has it all and it’s eco-friendly. This sustainable Indian beauty brand is known for ethically sourcing ingredients from across the country and supporting farmers as well. Moreover, the products from this brand are cruelty-free and free of artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and harmful chemicals.


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So, this Earth Day, take a vow to protect mother nature and kickstart the change by being an eco-friendly consumer of beauty products.

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