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Farozan Is Obsessed With These Trippy Holographic Sneakers

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If you have larger feet than usual, then girls, you’re totally going to relate with this. Growing up, I was very aware of the fact that I wasn’t built like your average Indian girl. In fact, my foot size was WAAAY larger than size 5-7 that most of my friends wore.
At 14, I was rocking a pair of size 8 sneakers, and rather uncomfortably, might I add. I can still remember how much pain I’d be in at the end of a school day because of how desperately I’d try to fit in!

You see, most Indian brands rarely produce shoes after your regular size 40, and buying new shoes for my size 43 feet was honestly a nightmare. It’s still a struggle to find shoes in my size, TBH.
But I think the shoe gods finally took sympathy on me and now brands like Dorothy Perkins, Payless, et al, have made their entry into India. I can finally buy shoes I like, rather than half-heartedly picking up stuff just cuz it fits my feet. Can I hear a ‘Hallelujah’?!
So, it’s no surprise that this week, I have my eye on a sweet pair of sneakers from none other than Dorothy Perkins’ collection, which is available on Jabong.
This particular pair is in a goregous shade of grey that’s accentuated by holographic glitter, which is so on trend. Oooooooh, so SHINY!
It’s basic enough to be a staple pair of sneakers that I can slip on and run out of the house. Perfect for those days when I just don’t feel like spending an hour thinking about my #OOTD.

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