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If You Have Oily Skin, This Product Will Change Your Life!

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Don’t you just hate when your moisturiser just sits on your skin? There is nothing worse than having to use a heavy, sticky moisturiser in the warmer months, especially if you have oily skin like I do. Luckily for me, jelly skincare is the haute new trend, and I got to try out Clinique’s spankin’ new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly that made some pretty lofty claims.

The lightweight, oil-free water-jelly promises to hydrate, repair the skin’s moisture barrier, and protect your skin from pollution daily thanks to its Clean-Shield TechnologyTM”. Yup, that’s one long list of benefits and even though I love their Moisture Surge, I wasn’t sure how this moisturiser would deliver.

The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly contains Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerine – two skincare superheroes that effectively hydrate skin. Combined with the moisture attracting Sucrose + Trehalose and Clinique’s ‘Moisture Barrier Blend’ of Sunflower Seed Cake, Barley Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, this product one power-packed recipe.

The clear jelly moisturiser comes in a 50 ml variant priced at Rs 2,000 and a larger 125 ml version that’s priced at Rs 3,800. I really appreciate the fact that the bottle has a nozzle that allows me to pump out the product without contaminating it.

After testing the product for nearly 2 weeks, I must admit, this moisturiser did me a whole world of good, even though it was such a short period of time. I am in LOVE (all caps because it’s not real love until you yell it out!) with this moisturiser! I cannot begin to describe what a pleasure it was to use this product.

It absorbed SO quickly and was gone in 60 seconds or less leaving no trace of annoying greasiness, only a really fresh feeling. Clinique definitely delivered on the promise of the Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly being lightweight.

I religiously used the product twice a day (it works perfectly under sunscreen, FYI). I could honestly see how it made my skin look more nourished – so I’d say it’s dramatically effective, heh! See what I did there? What’s remarkable is that even my friends noticed *that glow* and complimented me on it! YEAY! I’m not sure whether the product delivered on its promise to make my skin 87% less vulnerable to pollution, but only time will tell…

Although Clinique suggests this product is suitable for all skin types, I’d happily recommend this moisturiser for girls who have combination skin or oily skin and are starting out on their skincare journey – this is one of those effective yet fuss-free products that’ll give you results! Use it as part of Clinique’s beloved 3-step system and you’re pretty much sorted.

Girls with drier skin, have you checked out these moisturizing beauties?

Now, my next mission is to find the eye cream of my dreams, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

SHOP NOW: Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly (Rs 3,800)


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