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These Period-Proof Biker Shorts Are What You Need To Add To Your Workout Wardrobe STAT

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Periods are such an important part of every woman’s life. You are 2 days late and even as a virgin you end up thinking you’re pregnant. For me, if I get my periods I usually get surprised because I suffer from PCOD and it’s difficult to get periods regularly. Recently I got mine again twice in a row. While you may think what is the big deal, please shut up and let me enjoy the little victories of my life. Where people give birth after nine months I was chumming after nine months. But that’s not the point of this article.

You know sometimes you’re in the mood to workout but then periods happen? That’s exactly what happened with me. And when you workout you obviously tend to leak a little from here and there because we all know the first 2-3 days are heavy flowing days. So how can one wear just one pad and workout?

Well, the answer are these period-proof biker shorts from Adidas that was made in heaven for all the fitness freak women out there. As the name suggests, these biker shorts help prevent leakage from any activity that you’re doing. Yoga, exercise, gymnastics, etc. These shorts have you covered.

The shorts are layered with three pads already so you really don’t have to add an extra layer of panties. Just stick the pad like you usually do and move on with your life. The best part about these shorts are that they don’t make you feel uncomfortable at all. It’s like a breeze down there, everything seems to be happening smoothly.

The shorts are made of 85% recycled polyester, 15% elastane interlock so it feels very lightweight on your skin also and it has elastic for a waistband that also sits comfortably on you. And you’ve not even heard the best part yet. IT HAS A POCKET. That’s all we women need a functional pocket and this has one.

Honestly, I would use periods as an excuse to not work out but with these fashionable Kim K like biker shorts I can not only workout but do other activities that I was afraid of doing due to the leakage. This ones definitely got our backs ladies.


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