Save Vs Splurge: Meet The Glitter Flats Of Your Dreams!

Save Vs Splurge: Meet The Glitter Flats Of Your Dreams!

If I had to ask you whether the party season hangover is finally over, I guess I’ll hear a groan from you. Because party season always leads to sore feet — obviously, that’s what happens when your time is spent prancing around wearing sky-high stilettos! While I can give you more reason than one why you MUST invest in a pair of party-approved flats, I think surviving such situations (read: aching feet) is reason enough . We already list fabulous party flats even before the party clock officially started ticking. But in case you can’t get your hands on one of those, fret not! Here’s an introduction to a pair of flats that is the perfect party accessory and will help you complete your glam avatar.

Meet Chiara Ferragni’s Flirting Slippers! I’ve had a shoe crush on this cheeky pair for a while now. Made out of patent leather and suede embroidery, this cute pair is quirky and fashionable; exactly why it’s a must-have in every girl’s shoe closet. Adorned completely with sparkling glitter, the winking eye detail with lush lashes (both in suede) is what makes this pair unique. All in all it’s a fun, flirtatious and feminine pair to wear and walk into a party.

Chiara Ferragni Flirting glitter slippers Selfridges_Hauterfly

Chiara Ferragni Flirting Glitter Slippers (Rs 18,455 approx)

But here’s a deal breaker… it costs more than Rs 18k! Just not worth the price point, I think. But you’ll be glad to know I’ve found an almost-exact pair at Jabong. The glittery flats by Lara Karen is almost similar to the Chiara Ferragni pair. The only difference I can spot: the Lara Karen flats has black piping, and the winking eye detail is slightly bigger than the Ferragni flats. Otherwise it’s a twin, and it’s less than Rs 1,500.

Lara Karen Silver Belly Shoes Jabong_Hauterfly

Lara Karen Silver Belly Shoes (Rs 1,139)

Want to find a high street equivalent of a luxe product you love? Comment or write to us, and we’ll go Sherlock on it till we find you something that fits your budget! 

Simi Kuriakose

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