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Richa Chadha Has Embraced Unusual Colours And It’s Made Such A Difference In Her Fashion Game

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It is such a treat to witness a talented actress go through a fashion evolution right in front of our eyes! With the popularity of celebrity stylists transforming an artists’ image on Instagram, we can be sure to witness quite a few of these changeups. Young actresses usually the ones taken up as stylists’ muses. Their fashion is molded and built from scratch. And as their careers progress, we see them turning into a fashion star. For the uber-talented Richa Chadha though, her fashion was not moulded but completely flipped and boy are we glad that happened!

Richa seems to have embraced the quirky shade of the colour palette and has been incorporating unusual colours in her looks.

The switch up from solid colours like grey, red, black and plain whites is a welcome sight for us. Richa has been painting her wardrobe in eccentric dyes like teal, burnt orange, candy floss pink and much more. Her red carpet and promotional style are dipping into offbeat hues that we don’t see very often. Thus, making us do a double-take at her outfits every time.

They always say that if you are in need to switch up your style, pick one aspect of it and get alter it to something more dramatic. Love wearing jeans but need a change? Switch to cute denim skirts! Want to update your closet full of casual tops? Invest in some chic co-ordinated sets. For Richa, we suspect the decision came in the form of mixing and matching colours. We think she looks so much better in these. Finally, a wardrobe set deserving of her colourful personality.

Check out our top 3 favorites from Richa since her fashion renaissance happened!

A Bodycon Drenched In African Prints

A Thigh-High Slit In Bronze

Sheen Separates In Deep Hues

We clock this change in Richa’s style when we changed her styling team. Now frequent collaborators, the group of stylists with Who Wore What When have done a fab job in cracking the code in her fashion. Richa manages to show many shades of her emotion on screen. It makes sense to put her in as many flamboyant shades we can find. We love all of it!

On the work front, Richa is just coming off of rave reviews for her film Section 375. The film saw her portraying the role of a lawyer fighting to get justice for a girl who has accused a celebrity of rape. If you haven’t caught a show yet, make sure to fix that this weekend!


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