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Katrina Kaif And Shahid Kapoor Wore The Exact Same Outfit And We Love It On Both Of Them!

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Androgyny is a trend that has been making waves for a while now. It’s popular, agreed but we haven’t seen it off the runway. Mainly because we think the men don’t want to be seen in frocks. However, it looks like we may have just found on that has made it to real life. The trend that is getting a lot of love from men and women alike are the classic stripes. Perhaps too much love, because A-listers Shahid Kapoor and Katrina Kaif ended up in similar suits, and on the same day!

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Katrina is out and about promoting Bharat and decided to take a break from her many floral outfits for a dapper monochrome ensemble instead.

The actress looked perfectly at ease in the loosely fitted separates, hair tied in a casual ponytail and her most trusted ally, hoop earrings. We, for one, are glad to see her shed the Bharat character vibe for a changeup, we knew she could rock a saree but that pantsuit that’s absolutely smashing it out of the ballpark.

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But you know who else was flaunting the same outfit? Nope, not another actress, but an actor. Wait, what? Shahid Kapoor wore a very similar number. from Khanijo, for his Kabir Singh promotional tour.

Much like his style, Shahid Kapoor has a great sense of humour. The actor posted his look on Instagram with an acknowledgement to Katrina for inspiring his outfit. His tongue-in-cheek comment is exactly the kind of cool nod everyone needs to throw in the direction of someone twinning with them. Katrina replied in her element as well with a cheerful “Yeh twinning”, a comment that seems to be winning the internet.

Now that we know how to best deal with outfit clashes, can we finally twin with our BAE and make it look “accidental”?


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