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Kangana Ranaut Is The New Face Of Melange by Lifestyle

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Kangana Ranaut’s style is proof that bold is beautiful. There’s no stopping the woman from merging her fearless avatar with her sartorial moves. So we weren’t really surprised when Lifestyle International roped in the stunning actress to endorse their contemporary ethnic wear brand Melange. The collaboration is undoubtedly a perfect match.

By giving her a starring role in its latest campaign ‘Rethink Ethnic’, the brand is cashing in on her chutzpah as a fashion inspiration that Indian women can identify with. Says Kangana, “Urban women want to give a little twist to their ethnic wear and traditional sensibilities because everything is changing, and Indian women are not just restricted to the boundaries of their home. They are stepping up, participating in the progress of the nation. Not only are they working, they are working things out as well. And in order to be that sort of independent, fierce, confident woman, it is very important to say goodbye to old rules and bring in new rules.”

Kangana continues talking to us about her latest collaboration, adding, “Melange is all about that. The brand provides a chic twist to contemporary Indian ethnic wear. Apart from that, they offer edgier styles. You can mix and match and make your own style statement, experiment with it. As a consumer, if I like something and I think I will wear it, only then do I endorse it. And Melange is definitely a very fashion-forward Indian ethnic wear line. ”

There’s no doubt that Kangana is a style icon and also the face of the modern Indian woman. And she incorporates the spirit of this brand perfectly, replacing Deepika Padukone to be their new face. She says, “Every season, every collection, every year, brands go through a revamp. And every time you step into a brand, you replace someone and someone else replaces you. So, it’s just a cycle that goes on. As far as Melange is concerned, this time around their concept is not just about being pretty but also about being pretty strong. I think we really complement each other, and I am really happy to be a part of this brand.”

Giving us an insight on how her style has evolved over the years, Kangana says, “When I started off, I was just a small town girl. But I was always experimental with my style and was never scared to try out different silhouettes, prints, patterns or even fabrics. I think that’s why I am considered stylish today; because of my fearlessness need to try and adapt to change.”

Be it ethnic or Western, she pulls off both with ease, and most importantly owns her look. She’s quite a style chameleon in her own right. The actress talks about her personal style and says, “When it comes to style, working women have their own challenges. You want to have a certain comfort and ease in your personality through your clothes. I like comfortable clothing. And I think Indian fabrics provide us with a silhouette that looks elegant as well as comfortable. Even the colours give us the freedom to look vibrant and fresh!”


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