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#HauteHacks: 3 Ways To Style That Basic Shirt

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When it comes to style staples, the button-down shirt tops the list. They’re our go-to wardrobe must-have on days that call for a polished, put-together look that’s oh-so chic. But can I let you in on a l’il secret? This awesome not-so-basic style staple can be a lot more fun and versatile. Trends may come and go, but this wardrobe essential will never fail to amaze you. So, to prove that this trustee ol’ top can be taken from boring to bold, we got our in-house stylist to show you how to rev up your shirt game. And nope, we don’t mean by just knotting it up or tucking it in — giddy up to see this simple button down transformed into something completely new and snazzy.


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