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Japleen Hopes To Get Fit With These Sexy Leggings

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A place that I have never been to, and may never go, is the gym. I don’t like the confined space and would much rather go to the park for a jog. But I don’t even do that.

However, my perception of exercising changed this past weekend when I got the chance to experience a mountain high and a beach rush, all in the span of 2 days.

That’s when I decided that some sort of fitness activity needs to be included in my daily routine — whether it’s a 10-minute workout session or a quick run.

Now that I even have amazing running shoes, I needed to complement them with some kickass workout attire. That was a problem because a) I’m not really into shopping and b) I’m not really into sports.


So, I consulted my healthy-looking colleagues and they asked me to go check out Forever 21. And these lasercut leggings were literally the first ones on the active wear page.

I always thought that sporty wear had to be black and boring, but clearly I was mistaken, and how! These leggings are just beautiful and so comfortable to slip into too. The trippy design makes me want to wear them all day, every day, and that’s all the motivation I currently need.

Plus, I can complete the look with either a crop top to go for a run, or with a loose tee for lunch, or even wear a long tunic over them and go to work. Who knew leggings, which are originally meant to help you sweat it out, could be so versatile!?

SHOP NOW: Forever 21 Active Lasercut Leggings (Rs 1,049)


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