Exclusive: Eyewear Specialist Angelica Pagnelli Gives Expert Tips On Choosing The Right Shape, New Trends And More

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Exclusive: Eyewear Specialist Angelica Pagnelli Gives Expert Tips On Choosing The Right Shape, New Trends And More

Choosing the right kind of sunglasses can be a bit of a task. Besides serving its primary motive of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses have become more of an accessory. Elevating your look, you can add a spin to your outfits with a pair of sunglasses. So, we sat down for an exclusive chat with  Image Consultant and eyewear Specialist Angelica Pagnelli at the exclusive preview showcase of Tom Ford Eyewear & Zegna Eyewear’s Spring 2024 to understand how to pick the right frame, and how to slay a pair, with respect to the latest trends. Psst…the collection is exclusively available at GKB Opticals in India for pre-order and will be officially launched worldwide in January. 

Q: What should be the process of selecting the best frame according to face type?

Angelica Pagnelli: Selecting the perfect frame involves a comprehensive process that goes beyond mere consideration of face shapes. It begins with an assessment of style, extending to the eye zone and colours. While face shapes are taken into account, my approach analyzes features such as the forehead, jawline, and even factors like the nose, lips, and hairline. This ensures a holistic understanding of the individual’s unique features. I encourage sellers to keenly observe and consider these individual features rather than strictly adhering to face shapes or colours. The goal is to adapt to each individual’s aesthetic, creating a balanced style where accessories like jewellery and glasses complement face shapes, akin to how a bag should follow the body shape as an accessory.

Q: What are the latest eyewear trends that one must follow?

Angelica Pagnelli: Enduring trends like the cat-eye, butterfly shape, and mask styles have remained popular over the years. I find it interesting to assign names to trends, injecting creativity into the mix. This season, trends like “big style” for oversized frames and “intra style” featuring jewellery on frames are prominent. The association of volcano-inspired styles with fiery colours, particularly appreciated by Indian consumers, adds a unique touch. Tinted lenses, geometric shapes, and sporty masks are also noteworthy. Sustainable materials, attention to manufacturing details, and the combination of functionality with fashion are defining trends. Colours like yellow, red, green, and white are currently in vogue, with a predicted surge in the popularity of white frames next year.

Q: What are the many factors that we should consider before purchasing sunglasses?

Angelica Pagnelli: Quality is paramount when considering sunglasses. It’s crucial to pay attention to the balance between frame and lens quality. Recognizing that timeless frames may not suit all occasions, it’s advisable to consider sunglasses as part of a versatile wardrobe. The idea is to avoid thinking of a single pair as a long-term commitment, allowing for the inclusion of different styles for various occasions. Don’t skip exploring different options, as preferences may change over time, and it’s essential to consider the maximum utility one can derive from their sunglasses.

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Q: You also talk a lot about creative recycling, how do you think we can build a sustainable wardrobe?

Angelica Pagnelli: Building a sustainable wardrobe involves various strategies. One effective approach is to bring collections to professional image consulting sessions and optical markets for evaluation and potential replacement. During consultations, I encourage individuals to assess their collections and consider replacing items that are no longer suitable or have worn out. This not only rejuvenates the wardrobe but also minimizes unnecessary waste. Additionally, delaying disposal allows for a more thoughtful approach. Donating unwanted frames to those in need is a sustainable practice, providing eyewear to those who may not afford it. Transforming optical frames into sunglasses and vice versa is a practical and sustainable way to extend the lifespan of eyewear. Opting for brands that use recycled materials, such as acetate derived from trees, contributes to the overall sustainability of eyewear.

Q: How can aspirational celeb fashion easily be replicated by their fans in their everyday life?

Angelica Pagnelli: In my perspective, replicating celebrity fashion is not advisable, but rather it should be emulated. Fans often desire to wear what celebrities wear, but it’s essential to recognize that not every celebrity collection suits everyone. While the spirit of emulation is encouraged, each individual is unique, and blindly replicating a celebrity’s style may not be the best approach. Embracing the essence of a celebrity’s style and making it one’s own is the key. Rather than replicating every detail, focus on emulating the number of glasses a celebrity owns. This allows for a personalized interpretation of their style, encouraging individuals to be open-minded and innovative in crafting their unique fashion expression.

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