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10 Cute And Quirky Secret Santa Gift Ideas For The Ones On A Budget. Psst…That Are All Under Rs. 1000

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Tis’ the season of happiness and a whole lotta gifts and love! I love Christmas. I think it comes too late and leaves too early. As soon as we step into the New Year, I start missing December, lying in waiting another 11 months for it to come back. As a kid, I didn’t dare ask my parents to let me keep a Christmas tree, because I thought they wouldn’t let me. But, I always give them such little credit for being the amazing parents that they are, they might have approved! Alas, we’ll never know!

For context on how much I love Christmas, I ended up giving a shout-out to Christmas as soon as the clocks struck midnight on November 30! I’m a very enthusiastic adult that way. There’s no Grinch that can take away my beloved Christmas from me. I love the festival even more because of the sweets and gifts that we receive. My family doesn’t have the tradition of giving gifts within the family so that’s why Secret Santa was created for everyone to enjoy giving gifts and in my case, receiving them.

Ever since I started working and being all kinds of “Miss Independent”, splurging on Christmas has become my favourite thing. Last year our entire office team indulged in Secret Santa and I ended up receiving so many accessories, I couldn’t contain my happiness. And this year is going to be no different. But, the thought of going shopping for gifts is scary. Imagine going through all the hassle of looking through the shops to buy a perfect gift for someone. It can be exhausting.

Worry not, I am here to the rescue. Here are some cute and fun gifting ideas we are loving this holiday season!

Trendy Bling

Tassels will never go out of style. Every now and then you will see celebrities sporting these and why not? They are so gorgeous after all. You can totally gift this to someone who loves wearing accessories. They would love nothing more than receiving something so pretty like these danglers. I almost ended up buying them myself, but hey I am going to send this story to my WhatsApp group and drop some hints. Subtle AF!


Chic Makeup

The love for makeup is in the air. Every next girl is giving makeup a try and succeeding at it too. So, this one is perfect for that makeup junkie in your group who loves painting faces more than she loves pizza. This ten-pan palette is infused with everything nice and I am someone who loves Wet N Wild products, which is why I highly suggest this.


Cute Bags

I am a crazy cat lady and I would be highly disappointed if nobody gifts me this adorable cat coin purse. Do you have a crazy cat lady in the team as well? Then she will definitely go gaga over this really cute coin purse. This gift is not only cute but also very thoughtful.  Trust me, they are going to love it and may probably name it too.

HP Merch

Raise the roof if you have at least one Harry Potter fanatic in the group! Yep, I can see all of you slowly raise your hands. Well, this gift is perfect for them. You can even slip in a note in the gift that says “Straight Outta Hogwarts for you”. That sounds cute, right?


This is perfect for the stylish girl in the group. Combat boots are anything but basic and when you add an embroidered flower to it, it becomes a combination of “cute, but badass”. They are such a versatile piece of fashion as well!

Blush Sunnies

This one’s for the diva in the team; you know the one who is always fashionably late? Well, they can be late in these cute glasses that scream hot and cool at the same time. I am totally crushing on them and hope my secret Santa can get me this *stares into their soul*.

Anything BTS

Okay, I am a part of the BTS Army and know for a fact that my fellow comrades would love to get their hands on this cushion. Hey, you may find it a bit creepy, but for us it’s everything. Be prepared for much thanks from a BTS-lover on receiving this present!


A Textured Satchel

This easy-to-carry tiny satchel is all things ‘awwdorable’. It is the party season and girls need something to carry their phone and lipstick in. So, what better gift than this satchel for the stylish party girl in your life?

A Colourful Sippy

Unicorns exist and I know there are people like me who believe that as well. This portable mug tumbler is a reminder of that and everything cute. If she travels around a lot then there is nothing better than this tumbler. It’ll also help her stay hydrated at all times.

A Journal

2019 is going to come to an end and this fluffy notebook is for them to either write their journey from 2020 onwards or maybe just To-Do List!  This fluffy book of happiness is specially made for someone who absolutely loves stationery. She can even take small naps on it as well. Cute!

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Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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