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Boi’s Budget Buys: The Sexy Bikini Edit

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One universal fashion problem for most girls is, “What do I wear today?” This question has the power to reduce us to a hysterical mess. Fashionista or not, nobody wants sartorial answers that cost a fortune. And let’s just be honest, you’re THE style star if you know how to dress to the nines on a budget. So I’ve taken up this Herculean task: every Saturday, I’ll round up a budget-friendly ensemble for you, all BELOW Rs 10,000. Yes! It’s going to be an entire outfit — from head-to-toe — without breaking the bank. Quite a challenge, right? Scroll down to shop this budget ensemble, and don’t forget to come back every Saturday to discover an outfit that’s yet another steal!


Aah, long weekends. We all live for them, no? I know what they say — find a job where you don’t have to wait for the weekend, and it’ll be a good life (of course, I paraphrase), but c’mon, weekends are God’s way of telling you to chill out for a bit.

I absolutely love my job and yet weekends are much looked-forward to — to meet friends, sleep in, laze around, catch up on movies, and so on.

Since Holi is on Monday, we get a long weekend this time, and Imma make the most of it. I stopped playing Holi years ago; even though there are plenty of ways to protect your skin and hair from the harsh colours, I just don’t take the risk, nor do I particularly enjoy this festival.

So I’m taking my sister, who’s visiting for a month, and heading for a luxurious and relaxing staycation in the suburbs. You know what that means, right? Pool time!

My latest life goal has been to wear a bikini. Yes, I know that sounds shallow, but it goes far deeper than meets the eye for me.

You see, I’ve had body image issues for as long as I can remember, and it bothers me that I have these issues. I’m a strong, independent, liberal-minded woman, always championing for other women to wear what they like, when they like, and how.

And yet, when it comes to myself, I’m exceedingly critical. I haven’t worn a sleeveless outfit in years, because my arms are too chubby; I wear shapewear ever so often to feel more confident; I hate my giant forehead…I could go on.

So to counter these 5,000 issues I have with myself, my new life goal is to wear a bikini — flab, marks, discomfort and all. After all, to make a change, you’ve got to start at home, right?

So I’ve been looking online and in-store for the perfect bikini for a while now. You see, my coming out of sorts, such a huge first, NEEDS to be done in uber style. It has to be perfect.

And I *may* have found my bikini soulmate. In case you haven’t yet caught on, I LOVE hot pink. The colour just makes me *really* happy. As does this hot pink halter-neck bikini from The Beach Company. Just looking at it makes me feel sensual, voluptuous, and oh-so sexy.

The cover-up dress from The Kaftan Company is not so much to cover up, per se, but is rather a fashion statement. I do think this lovely sea-green beautifully offsets the hot pink, no? Shaded Havaianas flip flops and these Vincent Chase mirrored aviators bring this look together that just screams “Take me to the beach!”

If you are headed to the beach or poolside this weekend like I am, you will need to go prepared. Which is what this Snoogg owl-printed tote beach bag is for. Can you imagine how much stuff you can carry in there?

And last, but most definitely not the least, is SUNSCREEN. Do NOT step out before lathering yourself generously with high SPF sun-block lotion all over your body and face. I picked the Neutrogena Body Mist because it’s a spray on, which is super convenient and, let’s face it, super fun to use too.

I hope this ensemble helps me get over my body image issues, and girls, if you’re facing the same confidence shattering issues, let’s be one and get rid of them, once and for all, shall we? As my editor says, go forth and be your own revolution.

Scroll down to check out and buy the entire look. Oh, and BTW, did I tell you that you can shop the entire look for under Rs 7k? You’re welcome. *grin*

Don’t forget to tell me what you think of it in the comments below or tweet at me at Chat_Boi. Or better yet, send me those selfies, y’all. Have a super weekend. Toodles!








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