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The Duffel Bag That’s Giving Simi Hints To Escape City Life!

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I know it’s the most Monday-est Tuesday today. And if like me, you’re day dreaming of a mini vacation without anyone noticing you at work, there’s just two things you should be scouting online today: 1) flight tickets to your next destination, and 2) a chic duffel bag that’ll sort out your packing woes.

I’ve been vocal about this earlier when I curated a list of bags to travel in style — it’s important to have a bag that’s not just big enough to carry all your travel essentials, it should also be easy enough to lug around. And while a cabin suitcase seems like a convenient option, a duffel bag is the best travel bag you can take along for a vacation. It’s light, spacious and best-suited for a short trip!


2 AM Store The Escape Duffle_Hauterfly

2AM by Anjali and Meha Escape Duffel Bag

So while I was busy scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday, I came across this super chic bag from the online store 2AM by Anjali and Meha. A tan and white duffel bag, this one comes in a size that makes it a perfect weekend bag. While on first look it does look like a leather bag, I have my doubts as the description mentions that it is completely washable.

With the word “escape” boldly emblazoned on the front, this uber trendy bag gives you the right cue to get away from city life and escape to a place where your wanderlust can be satiated. Looking for something to motivate you to take your next vacay? Here’s a bag that’s giving you all the hints possible. It’s totally working for me, BTW. Maybe you should buy one too!

SHOP NOW: 2AM by Anjali and Meha Escape Duffel Bag (Rs 3,000)


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