‘The Male Feminist’ Ep7: Zareen Khan Has Strong Reasons To Believe Marriage Doesn’t Guarantee Lifetime Partnership. We Agree!

It's true to some extent!

We have always been told that a happy ending to any love story is the couple getting married. To get society’s approval for a couple to stay together without any unnecessary interference, marriage is the only option available. But things are changing, and some people are choosing to go against the set societal norms. In episode 7 of Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Zareen Khan talked about why she does not really believe in the institution of marriage and also how it has never been a topic of discussion in her relationship with her boyfriend.


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While talking with The Male Feminist, Siddhaarth Alambayan, Zareen Khan shared some cute deets about her relationship with Shivashish and how they are not really a very romantic couple. In fact, Zareen in a joking way said that their date nights are all about pulling each other’s leg. When Siddhaarth Alambayan further asks Zareen whether the couple plans to have a wedding stamp on their relationship or not, the actress replies by saying that she does not believe in it and was also glad that even her boyfriend does not care about marriages. Zareen then went on to share her beliefs on the institution of marriage and that she does not understand the whole concept of it. The actress also said that marriage is not a guarantee that the partner will stay forever. If they have to leave they will, irrespective of the marriage. 

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She also expressed her happiness that the world today is changing, live-in relationships are legalised, and how women are independent enough to take care of themselves. Zareen’s ideas about marriage largely come from the fact that her parents were separated, and that really does not make her think about this concept highly. She also said that people who have messed up relationships pretend to be happy in public. For Zareen, marriage is just a concept that makes society happy.

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Zareen Khan clearly has reasons to feel this way and it comes from some very personal experiences. Also, to a lot of extent, it is true that marriage does not guarantee a lifetime partnership.

You can watch the latest episode here-

‘The Male Feminist’: Zareen Khan Doesn’t Understand The ‘Tomboy’ Concept. Frankly, Can We Retire This Word Already?

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