Priyanka Chopra, AR Rahman, And More Celebs Who Dished Out Dirty Deets About Bollywood

They all have been on the receiving end of bullying in B-town.

The entertainment industry is not a Disneyland where everyone who arrives gets a happy ending, and history has been proof of it. There is groupism, nepotism, gangs are formed, and even some of the biggest celebrities are cast out. And this had to happen when the controlling power happens to be in the hands of those few people who know exactly which string to pull to make a certain thing happen. In this dirty politics and powerplay, careers get ruined, and sometimes matters go so out of hand that artists decide ending their lives is the only solution. But there have been celebs who have been brave enough to reveal the dirty secrets of Bollywood, the recent one being Priyanka Chopra. Here are five celebrities who opened up about the dark world that Bollywood is.

Priyanka Chopra on her Bollywood ‘beef’

In a recent podcast interview, Priyanka Chopra revealed it all. She said that she left Bollywood because she had ‘beef’ with some people in the industry, and she was not purposely cast in movies. She also went on to add that she was cornered and was tired of the politics.

Kangana Ranaut on Bollywood mafia

Kangana Ranaut has never shied away from slamming biggies from Bollywood. On more than one occasion, she has revealed how the mafia in Bollywood has been trying to sabotage her career, and also labelled her a ‘mad’ woman. Everyone knows her comments are particularly targeted toward Karan Johar. She also blamed this mafia for leading Sushant Singh Rajput to die by suicide.

AR Rahman on false rumours spread by Bollywood Gang

Even music maestro felt AR Rahman opened up about how the Bollywood gang did not even spare him. He said that there are people in the Hindi film industry who have been spreading rumours about him, and this has been the reason why he is not picking up Bollywood projects.

Shekhar Suman on how Bollywood ganged up on his son

Taking to his Twitter account, Shekhar Sumar wrote that he knows four people who have tried to remove his son, Adhyayan Suman, from movies by ganging up on him. He also went on to add that these gangsters are far more dangerous than rattlesnakes.

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Raveena Tandon on gang setting people up for failures

Raveena Tandon highlighted in an interview that there is an alleged girl gang in the industry that sets up actors for failure, thus, ruining their careers. She went on to say that they even got to her. Furthermore, Raveena revealed it is these people who want to see people getting removed from films.

These narratives might be true if celebrities of their stature have been saying it. There are two sides to every coin, and the reality often remains unknown in cases like these.

Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Agnihotri, More Celebs Praise Priyanka Chopra For Dropping Truth Bombs About Bollywood

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