From ‘Ajab Si’ For Deepika To ‘Maa Da Laadla’ For John, All Songs That Shah Rukh Sang At ‘Pathaan’ Press Con!

SRK was his charming self at the press conference!
From ‘Ajab Si’ For Deepika To ‘Maa Da Laadla’ For John, All Songs That Shah Rukh Sang At ‘Pathaan’ Press Con!

The Pathaan fever has gripped the nation right now, and there is no chance of it coming down a notch anytime soon! The film has crossed the Rs 500 crore mark globally, breaking records in India and abroad as well. In view of this immense success of the film, the Pathaan team had organised a press conference and it was showcased live on Instagram through YRF’s official Instagram handle. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and director Siddharth Anand were present on the dias where they spoke about their experience of shooting Pathaan. As the four of them shared the stage to have this conversation, SRK oozed his classic charm as he sang the ‘Aankhon Mein Teri Ajab Si’ song for Deepika!

It is well-known how special Shah Rukh Khan makes his heroines feel! He makes them feel like they are the most beautiful and precious beings on Earth. At the start of the interaction between the cast, Shah Rukh Khan sang the ‘Aankhon Mein Teri Ajab Si’ song for Deepika Padukone! He also sang ‘Main Agar Kahoon’ for her. SRK later sang the song ‘Salaam Namaste’ for director Siddharth Anand.

King Khan was asked how he manages to motivate himself when his fans watch his films to motivate themselves. To this, he replied and sang the song, ‘Chaand Taare’ from his hit film Yes Boss! Furthermore, he also crooned ‘I’m The Best’ from his film Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.


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When the anchor asked him to sing another song toward the end Shah Rukh Khan sang ‘Love Mera Hit Hit’ from Billu Barber! After singing all the songs for everyone, SRK sang ‘Maa Da Ladla Bigad Gaya’ for John Abraham! His sense of humour is top-tier!

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During the press conference, fans erupted into cheers and hoots the moment Shah Rukh Khan sang these songs. In fact, they were hooting for him every time he picked up the mic to answer questions. That is how much they missed him! Deepika Padukone also showered heaps of praise on SRK and said that she is confident in what she does today because she knows SRK has her back. The press conference ended with SRK saying his popular dialogue from Pathaan and the panel dancing to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’!

If you still haven’t watched Pathaan, book your tickets and watch it ASAP!

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