Sexist Man Is Rightly Schooled By Twitterati For Sharing A Pic Of Nimrat Kaur, And Asking “What’s The Purpose Of Showing Cleavage?”

Sexist Man Is Rightly Schooled By Twitterati For Sharing A Pic Of Nimrat Kaur, And Asking “What’s The Purpose Of Showing Cleavage?”

I’m going to put this out for one final time – most women do not dress up for anyone else except themselves. We like looking hot and sexy irrespective of the fact whether someone is lookíng or not. And honestly, why are we supposed to give explanations for why we wear what we wear? I don’t see anyone else doing it. Wondering why am I ranting so much? It is because I came across this man who shared a picture of Nimrat Kaur on Twitter and questioned the actress’ sartorial choice. He further went on to ask if women go on to wear revealing clothes to entice men and what was the purpose of showing cleavage. 

A Twitter user by the name of RetardedHurt shared a picture of Nimrat Kaur from when she appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote her recent movie, Dasvi, along with Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam. The man in his tweet not only questioned the actress’ sartorial choice but also wondered out loud if women wear revealing outfits to attract men. 

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In his tweet wherein he shares a snapshot of Nimrat Kaur from the show, he wrote, “Ladies,I really want to know What purpose does such outfits exactly serve,If it is to attract men,then why? If not to attract men,then why?It’s a very genuine question and no bait,please tell me what is the actual purpose to show cleavage?Please”

Needless to say, his sexist tweet did not sit well with the Twitterati who brutally thrashed and schooled him in the comment section. They went on to cross-question him by asking what about men showing bare bodies and why they wear the clothes that they do. Check out their replies:

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Ngl, his tweet reeks of sexism. Moreover, it is so funny that men are so full of them that they believe that everything a woman does is for them. Honestly, guys, y’all need to get over yourselves – neither the world, the universe, nor the women revolve around you. I hope your fragile masculinity can handle this. 

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