“Bootlicking, Powerplay Reality In Bollywood,” Says Composer Amaal Malik On Priyanka Chopra’s Revelation

The statements are shocking!
“Bootlicking, Powerplay Reality In Bollywood,” Says Composer Amaal Malik On Priyanka Chopra’s Revelation

Over the past few years, debates on nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood have increased. And well, now a global star, Priyanka Chopra has made certain statements related her to shift from the industry has sparked another controversy and debate. The actress revealed about having a “Beef” with someone in the industry is one of the main reasons for moving away from Bollywood. Composer, music director and singer Amaal Malik came out in support of her and put forth his views on the same too. 


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On March 28, Tuesday, Amaak Malik took to his Twitter handle to show agreement with Priyanka Chopra’s statements about Bollywood and the fact the was being “Cornered” in the industry. Amaal Malik wrote that he faces a similar kind of treatment almost every day in the industry. The music composer also mentioned it as the only real reason why he does not work much in Bollywood films.


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Furthermore, Amaal Malik elaborated on the same and wrote that “Campism” and “Powerplay” in Bollywood were harsh realities that needed to tell and talked about more often. He also expressed disgust at the kind of experience an “Amazing” woman and star like Priyanka Chopra had to go through.

Reacting to the composer’s tweet, a user wrote that even Azim Rian spoke about the injustices that happen in Bollywood but nobody had come out in support of him. Amaal Malik responded to the tweet by saying that he was not aware of it, however, believed that he was right.

In his further responses to this tweet, Amaal Malik also called this kind of treatment in Bollywood “Dirty politics”.

Here are some reactionary statements on Amaal Malik’s tweet.

On the same day, filmmaker Apurva Asrani also spoke out on the statements by the actress. He praised her for showing courage and not accepting defeat even after being “Ostracised” by certain people in the industry. 

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This revelation coming from a global star like Priyanka Chopra is certainly huge. Even Kangana Ranaut showed her support for the actress and put forth her opinions on the same.

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