Exclusive: “Men Would Look Inappropriately During Auditions” Mona Singh On The Dark Side Of Entertainment Industry

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Many celebrities have often opened up about the dark side of the industry. From casting couch to inappropriate behaviour on sets, there have been many instances that reveal the uncomfortable truths about this world. Speaking about the same, actress Mona Singh arrived on Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist and talked about her personal experiences. Singh in conversation with host– Siddhaarth Aalambayan, talked about her initial days in the industry and some instances that scared her.

She mentioned–” During the initial days of my career, I came to Mumbai for a meeting and those men were very weird. There were multiple men taking the audition for a film and I was sitting alone. I was naive, a girl from a small town, who didn’t know anybody and was trying to do things on my own and my parents told me it was not gonna be easy. Those men were not talking to me nicely or looking at me nicely.” She added how most of them were looking inappropriately at her while having a conversation. This indeed made her uncomfortable and I didn’t know how to handle that situation.


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Reacting to this, she mentioned–”I did not know how to handle the situation, so I went to the loo and I called my dad and said–”I am getting out.” Singh shared how her parents were extremely scared after knowing about the incident and suggested she take someone along next time, to which she denied and said she would handle it on her own. Mona’s take on feminism and men taking household chores seriously takes the spotlight throughout this episode. Here, she talks about her latest work in the popular show–Made In Heaven and her iconic character Jassi from Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. Check out the full interview here:

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