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Kirsten Dunst Reveals The Pay Disparity Between Her And Spider-Man Actor Tobey Maguire Was Very Extreme

November 15, 2021 | by Priyadarshini Malavia

Which one of us didn’t grow up watching Marvel and DC movies? I remember having the biggest crush on Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire growing up and always lowkey being jealous of Mary Jane Watson aka Kirsten Dunst. Having said that, I do cherish these movies even as an adult and sometimes go back to them for the nostalgia of it all. However, with the ongoing discussion revolving around the pay gap in the film industry, both: Hollywood and Bollywood, a lot of actresses have come forward and spoken about the unequal pay in the industry. Similarly, Kirsten Dunst, our very own Mary Jane has come forward and spoken about her own experience of working in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies alongside Tobey Maguire, particularly the pay disparity.


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Kirsten Dunst has come forward and spoken about how she was paid a lot less compared to Tobey Maguire in Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Despite being popular and appreciated for her performance as Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane or MJ, Dunst wasn’t paid as much as Maguire was. Kirsten Dunst told Alexandra Pollard from The Independent, “The pay disparity between me and Spider-Man was very extreme. I didn’t even think about it. I was just like, ‘Oh yeah, Tobey [Maguire] is playing Spider-Man.’ But you know who was on the cover of the second Spider-Man poster? Spider-Man and ME.” 

Kirsten Dunst also opened up about the fact the Spider-Man producer to get her teeth fixed for the movie but she declined to say, “Mmmmm, no, I like my teeth” Kirsten Dunst continued saying, “Also, Sofia loved my teeth.” Sofia is Sofia Coppola who is a director herself and the daughter of The Godfather trilogy director Francis Ford Coppola. As rumours of Tobey Maguire’s return in the Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home float around, Dunst says that she would be open to returning back to the franchise. Having played Mary Jane for three of the movies, Kirsten Dunst joked, “I’d be old MJ at this point with little Spidey babies.”

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While the wage gap in Hollywood is a point of contention, my opinion on this is kinda divided. On one hand, I understand how much goes into playing a role, that MJ is one of the major characters of the plot and that Kirsten Dunst was featured on the posters as well. However, in my opinion (please don’t hunt me down for this one), Kirsten Dunst’s character does not play that significant of a role. While her demanding to be paid more is justified, I am can’t say if it should be as much as Tobey Maguire earned from these movies. However, I do believe that shaming a young girl into getting a procedure done to make her look a certain way is unethical and manipulative. Good for Kirsten Dunst for standing up for herself and having the self-confidence to not allow something like this!

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Priyadarshini Malavia

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