Kangana Ranaut Revisits AR Rahman’s Old Remark About Gangs In Bollywood

Kangana is back on Bollywood gang!

Actress Kangana Ranaut is known for two things, her films and well her controversial tweets. Just yesterday, the actress shared a tweet, that mentioned an important quote by legendary music composer AR Rahman and his views on Bollywood. The tweet mentioned an incident in the year 2020 when Rahman was asked why he was doing more Tamil films than working for Bollywood. Responding to this, he talked about the alleged ganging up in Bollywood, that deprived him of good work. He said–”I think there is a whole gang in Bollywood, working against me and spreading some false rumours.” He further mentioned how there still are a few people who want him to do great things, but a section of them is just not letting that happen.

Resharing this quote, the actress talked about the dynamics of Bollywood and took a sly dig at nepotism. She said how Bollywood kids grow up being applauded for each of their moves, which reassures them of their talent. Little do they know that it is all a lie when a really gifted person shows up to raise the bar high. She mentions how this leads them to become jealous of a deserving person’s talent, and they eventually “gang up,” bully and harass or even kill such gifted people. Concluding her statement, she mentioned–”Amadeus is a film about this, my favourite film.”

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Reacting to her tweet, many people seemed to have agreed with the actress and praised the legendary musician. Well, Kangana Ranaut has always been open about her views on Bollywood. The actress recently talked about the alleged gangs and mafias in Bollywood, citing Priyanka Chopra’s reason behind leaving Bollywood. The actress also never fails to take a dig at actors who belong to film families and promote nepotism.

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