‘I Love You’ Teaser: Rakul Preet Singh And Pavail Gulati’s Rosy Romance Takes A Dark, Thrilling Turn

We're super intrigued by the teaser.
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We all must have heard stories about obsessive male lovers, and how they cannot let their female partners even go to the washroom without leaving them alone. Such stories are not just scary to listen to but also instil fear in your mind about encountering such an obsessive lover. Rakul Preet Singh and Pavail Gulati’s upcoming romantic thriller titled I Love You is going to present a story about an obsessive lover! The teaser of this project was dropped on Jun 2, 2023, and here are more deets about it.


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The teaser clip is short but says enough about what to expect from this project. We will hear Pavail Gulati’s voiceover on love and how a true lover should not let his woman out of their sight. He is shown sappily in love with Rakul Preet Singh’s character who has heart eyes every time he sees her. Rakul is oblivious to Pavail’s obsessive thoughts and is probably thinking he is such a sweet lover!


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But things turn dark when Rakul is unable to leave her office one day as she is locked inside, courtesy of what looks like Pavail. She calls for help from the guard but it seems they have all retired for the night. The next frame shows Rakul unconscious with a gag in her mouth that had the word ‘I love you’ written on it.

Even though Rakul Preet Singh did not have any dialogue in the teaser, she looks like a happy-go-lucky girl who is extremely ambitious and focused on work as well. The project is unlike what she has done before and we are eager to her performance in this one after her last film, Chhatriwali failed to impress. Whereas Pavail Gulati’s character looks shady from the beginning. The way he looks at Rakul have me chills because he did not look happily in love but obsessed in love!

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After the gripping teaser of I Love You, I cannot wait to see what more will unfold in the trailer. Rakul Preet Singh and Pavail Gulati’s I Love You will drop on Jio Cinemas soon.

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