Fans Defend Emilia Clarke After Misogynist Troll Body-Shames Her For Posting A Natural Selfie

Men are so tactless!

Emilia Clarke stole our hearts with her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s phenomenon of a series, Game of Thrones. Her fierce and scene-stealing performance as the Mother of Dragons inspired fans around the world. She brought to life a character that was both strong and vulnerable, powerful and loving, and above all, truly unforgettable. But unlike some fans, Emilia keeps getting body-shamed for posting a natural selfie on Instagram and promoting body positivity.


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Emilia Clarke shared a delightful selfie on her Instagram account recently. In the picture, the actress can be seen holding a mug with a motivational message that reads, “You’re doing f*cking great.” Emilia shared the photo with a caption explaining that the mug was a gift from her mother, and she wanted to spread positivity by sharing the newfound wisdom with her followers. She encouraged everyone to use the mug’s message and enjoy the benefits of a confidence boost. 

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Unfortunately, instead of embracing and supporting her ideas, a particular user (who happened to be a man) chose to respond with a hurtful comment about her appearance. He said that she had hit the wall and was no longer physically attractive. This kind of behaviour is not only cruel and insensitive but also completely misses the point of the conversation at hand.

However, the Twitter user’s hurtful words were countered with an outpouring of love and support from others who recognized the true value of her message, and they schooled him right away. One person commented that it was disappointing to see someone focus solely on appearance when the woman was trying to spread positivity on her Instagram.  While the others were talking about how cute she looked and they don’t see any problem with the selfie.

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While one user also talked about how Emilia has been through 2 brain aneurysms and is a constant supporter of normal ageing and body positivity. 

Emilia Clarke’s refusal to indulge in cosmetic procedures is a refreshing departure from the norm in Hollywood. Her natural appearance, complete with lines and unfrozen features, serves as a positive representation of women all over the world who choose to age gracefully. She has embraced the natural progression of time and the ageing process, something that is universally experienced.

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