Disney Introduces Its First Plus-Sized Female Lead Character In Short Film ‘Reflect’. Chalo, Der Aaye Durrust Aaye!

Disney Introduces Its First Plus-Sized Female Lead Character In Short Film ‘Reflect’. Chalo, Der Aaye Durrust Aaye!

Growing up, all the cartoons that we saw, especially the ones by Disney, had the protagonists struggling with kaafi first-world problems! There was hardly any reliability factor in the whole plot but we saw the cartoons anyway because it was so cute! But now, when I look back at them, I realise that these Disney princesses’ are highly looked up to by little girls. So, when they see all things rosy happening with the heroines in the films, they sort of come to believe it to be true. But in what comes as a surprisingly progressive move by Disney, their new short film titled Reflect has its first plus-sized heroine who is seen struggling with dysmorphia.

The protagonist’s name is Bianca who has arrived at a dance studio to learn ballet. She is the first one to arrive, it seems and is seen practising some dance moves before other students come. But when she sees the class filling in with other girls, she notices that all the girls are thin and slim. Bianca starts feeling conscious of herself. When her instructor talks about having a ‘long neck and tight tummy’, the world around her fades, and she is seen staring at her reflection in a broken mirror.

Hillary Bradfield, the director of Reflect, who is the animation story artist of Encanto and Frozen 2 took to her Instagram to share the picture of Bianca. In the caption, she wrote, “So excited we are officially announced! Had the privilege of directing this short through Disney’s Short Circuit program. Big shout-out and victory dance to whole crew! We had a team of legends ??? This one was creatively and technically challenging and we did it!”

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Disney’s Reflect is in season two of Short Circuit Experimental Films. We are happy that finally more realistic and relatable protagonist is shown on the screen. And given the huge reach that Disney has, it would send messages of body positivity to children as well!

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