Twitter User Lists Reasons Why Women MUST Be Financially Independent Before Marriage. We Couldn’t Agree More!

Attention ladies!
Twitter User Lists Reasons Why Women MUST Be Financially Independent Before Marriage. We Couldn’t Agree More!

As a working woman, I understand the value of freedom that comes with financial independence. In today’s time, a woman needs to gain this freedom right before marriage. A Twitter thread explains the importance of achieving financial freedom before marriage and why is it necessary for all women to not be dependent on their husbands for this.

Twitter Thread On Financial Independence!

A Twitter user urged all the women out there to gain financial freedom before getting married. She further went on to elaborate that with financial independence, a woman would not have to tolerate her husband’s insecurities,  weakness, anger and disrespect. The user firmly stated that a man projects his frustration and insecurities onto a woman but she wouldn’t have to bear it if she is financially stable. The user highlighted that the woman takes the pain of tolerating her husband’s insensitive behaviour and abuse only if she is financially dependent on him.

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Many people continued the discussion in the comment section and put their opinions on the same. One Twitter user wrote that there are women who tolerate a man’s abusive behaviour towards her despite being financially independent. Another highlighted the importance of financial stability in a woman’s life needless of the fact that she is married or not. Many men also believed that financially independent women can make a man insecure too. Here are some comments on the same.

Many actresses have also spoken about the need to gain financial independence in the various episodes of The Male Feminist. These actresses also shared learnings from their personal lives and how they have managed their finances.

Well, ladies, it is true that if you are the owner of your money and finances, it will give you confidence and a sense of freedom too!

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