Twitter User Shares Salary Negotiation Tips, Highlights The Importance Of Confidence. Ladies, Take Notes!

This is an important skill!

None of us are ever prepared in advance on how to quote our salaries during the interviews. We tend to shy away or underestimate our own work when it comes to asking for a decent salary. But with the awareness around such topics nowadays and by reading the experiences of people on the internet, we get to know more about this topic. Recently, we came across a Twitter thread about salary negotiations and the user shared her opinions on the same in detail. The Twitter user also gave tips on what to keep in mind while doing the same.

A Twitter user with the ID Ur Mom discussed the topic of salary negotiations after another asked for some tips on the same. The first point raised by the user was to always quote 20 per cent extra from the average salary in the sector. This is because even if HR negotiates it down to 10 per cent, it will still be more than the average. As per this Twitter thread, a person should also be confident about their work, and knowledge and the lack of it always leads us to underestimating our value. Apart from the technicalities included in salary negotiation, this particular Twitter thread also reminds us that presenting yourself as the best in what you do becomes of utmost importance. The thread stresses the importance of selling yourself to the company as if you know your work and the experiences you will bring to the table.


In this Twitter thread, the user also talks about asking for a 40 per cent salary hike and even if it comes down to 35 per cent, it is good enough! The thread also discusses other tips and tricks of salary negotiation like talking to multiple companies simultaneously and quoting different per cent in each of them, in case the higher one ends up accepting the offer. The thread also talks about the importance of faffing in this corporate world and how not shying away from quoting higher salaries is the way ahead.

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Well, there were some points which were quite practical in this thread. Salary negotiation is certainly an art and you learn the right tricks with experience. However, it is always better to know about it from an early stage in your career so you don’t end up being underpaid!

Salary बढ़ाने के लिए अपने बॉस से कैसे करें बात? जान ले ये 5 शानदार टिप्स!


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