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7 Makeup Hacks That Are Perfect For The Festive Season

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Picture this, it’s Diwali, the house is beautifully decorated, there are lights everywhere. The aromas of sweets and flowers fill the house and you’re ready to head out. You’re dressed in that gorgeous outfit you’ve saved up for, but you find yourself slowly getting frustrated with your makeup. Your cat eye is wonky, the lipstick you chose is bleeding, and it looks like you haven’t slept in years. You sigh while remembering that you were too busy to even visit the beauty parlor, so basic grooming has gone for a toss.

No matter what the situation, don’t stress, we’ve got the perfect way to ace your makeup game this festive season, thanks to these genius hacks!

Your Mooch Is Too Much

Hack 1: Is the look of your red lipstick getting ruined because of an overgrown mooch? If you didn’t get time to visit the salon because of all the pre-festivities rush, then don’t fret. All you need to do is grab your trusty Veet face precision waxing kit. They’re so simple to use and getting rid of facial hair has never been faster or easier. To use: all you’ve to do is peel the strip, apply, and pull it off. Ensure you use the wipes provided in the pack to clean off the excess wax and wash your face with water (no soaps, please!). Just wait for your face to settle down, around 15 minutes should do the trick and you’ll be ready for makeup. Psst, you’ll also find your face looks brighter, that’s the mild exfoliation and moisturizing Almond Oil within the strips. All it takes is 3 easy steps and you’ll be mooch-free for 28 days!

You’ve Been Partying Too Late And Your Dark Circles Are Lit!

Hack 2: If you don’t have a colour corrector on hand, then you can apply a thin layer of orange/red toned lipstick under your eyes. Blend that in with a beauty blender and then follow up with a layer of foundation.

Hack 3: Add a touch of shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes and no one will know how late you have been partying

Your Makeup Is Melting

If you’re afraid that after all that hard work, your makeup will melt in the crazy October heat, then test these hacks out.

Hack 4: Start with a primer. If you have used liquid foundation, be sure to set it with powder. Apply the rest of your makeup and once you are done, spritz on setting spray generously. Fan it till it dries and you’re ready to rock the night! If you find your foundation is less than flattering, then maybe it’s peach fuzz that’s playing havoc! Get rid of that fuzz in a jiffy with the Veet Face Precision Waxing Kit. It’ll give you a smooth canvas to create your look.

Hack 5: In order to make your lipstick last all night long, no matter how many mithais you have, set it with this hack. Swipe on lippie. Dab with a tissue. Apply another thin layer. Lightly hold a tissue against your lips and tap translucent powder on to your pucker.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Hack 6: The key to the perfect cat eye is to keep calm and use these hints. Use a piece of tape to help you create sharp lines – apply it on the outer edge of your eye diagonally towards your brows. Ensure you make the tape less sticky by applying it on your hands a few times before you stick it on your face. Follow the line and then create small dots along your lash, these will act as you guide. You can then fill these dots in with a stroke of liner.

Hack 7: Protect your gorgeous eyeshadow looks from mascara. Use a card as a make-shift shield. Hold it behind your lashes while you apply mascara. You could also try this hack with a spoon in order to get more of a curled effect.

Now you’re all set to be the LIT pataka you are! We’d love to know which of these hacks you loved best, #HauteSquad! Drop a comment below and let us know.


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