5 Red Flags To Look Out For When You’re Dating Someone Older

5 Red Flags To Look Out For When You’re Dating Someone Older

Being in love, being loved, and loving someone is by far one of the best things one could ever experience in life. Some feel exalted and happy as they believe that the one they are with brings the best out of them while some say that the ones they love complete them as a whole. Many have described how being in love changes their lives and what it means for them and indeed, these lovely descriptions make all of us think about it, and make us ignore red flags and be willing to find our ‘True love.’

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But love can often be exhaustive and tedious. Once you find the one you love and want to be with, there is a whole set of other questions that loom around your head. Love is one of the most humane things in its pure form and knows no boundaries like social status, financial situations, age gaps etc. Dating someone who is considerably older than you, might sound thrilling for some today but there are many who would find it awkward and even intimidating. It’s always fun to have someone around who’s jovial, playful, matches your vibe but can also be the mature one and talk to you.

That’s how partners who are older are stereotypically described and unfortunately, this may not be true all the time.

Every relationship has its own set of ups and downs along with its own challenges. Putting them under one major blanket would be unwise and has the potential to create severe complications. Relationship psychology says that, “Before it reaches a painful, inevitable dead end, there are many red flags that can tell you that it’s time to call quits”. 

Red flags in relationships

Keep An Eye Out For These Red Flags

1. Having Different Priorities in Life

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Naturally, as you date someone who is older than you, the two of you would be at fairly different stages in your lives and careers. At that given point, chances are that they may be looking for something in this relationship that may not match your expectations. This isn’t outright wrong but if not taken care of, it can create some issues and a bucket of hurt, for the two of you, in the long run.

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2. They Display Sheer Unwillingness to Compromise


Your partner may have a different outlook towards things or many things could be new to them as a whole. The same could hold true for you too. In such cases, it’s necessary that you give each other some space and let them grasp and adapt to those things. Where there is some contention, it’s wise to talk things out or reach a mutually acceptable solution. If your partner cannot do that and can’t respect your boundaries, that is a red flag and your sign to just get out!

3. There’s a Constant Imbalance in Their Life


Owing to the different ages in the relationship, you ought to be more sensitive towards their problems and expect the same from your partner too. But. if they aren’t able to cope with the things in their life and keep trying to blame you for them, it’s time to realise that it isn’t your fault and it’s time to abandon ship. You and your peace of mind always come first!

4. They Keep Pulling a Disappearing Act

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While looking for someone to be with, one looks to be loved and looks for constant support. If the one you are with is unavailable most of the time, especially when you need them, vanishes for long intervals and then appears only when it is convenient for them, this could be a sign of clear disinterest. Don’t waste your time, my friend!

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5. They Constantly Make You Beg for Their Attention


Sometimes, the ones that you are looking forward to being with end up playing mind-games with you just for the sake of it and this leaves you with the burden of having to seek their attention, be it to have a frank conversation or to cajole them. The onus to keep things ‘interesting’ solely lies on you, even if that comes at the cost of your mental health. This clearly shows that they’re toying with you for their own entertainment. It’s time to call it quits and save yourself!

Pulling the cord on a relationship is never easy but it’s essential to understand that sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do in order to protect your interests and your mental health. Don’t ignore the red flags and undermine your needs for anyone else- Pull the damn plug already, Bojack!

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