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World Breastfeeding Week 2022: Why Celebs Posting Pictures Of Breastfeeding Is Essential For Normalization

August 03, 2022 | by Mehak Walia

Breastfeeding has always triumphed over other forms of feeding your children. This is why over 60% of women still choose to breastfeed their babies, around the globe. Alas, when this loving, nurturing and natural act occurs in public, mothers are literally shamed for feeding their babies. This makes no sense. I mean, this is literally like snatching chips from somebody’s hand when they’re hungry, just because they’re eating in a public space.

To speak on this matter and advocate breastfeeding rights, various celebrities have taken to social media, to publicly post pictures of themselves while breastfeeding and talk about how essential the issue is. Alas, this seems to be getting messed up reactions from their fans.

How Do Fans React To These Pictures?

When celebrities dare to post these pictures, their goal is to reach everyone, catch attention and spread the important message about normalising breastfeeding in public. But, unfortunately, the comments section under these beautiful and authentic pictures seeks to trash this attempt. Fans seem to believe that while the idea behind the normalization is good, it doesn’t have to be done this way. They have been bluntly asking these celebrities, you could have written down your thoughts, spoken about it in a video, or posted audio with your views on the topic. Why did you have to post a nude picture, while you were in the act? Alas, some fans have also downright called this ‘sick’, ‘gross’ and ‘out of place’.

Unfortunately, some people also end up seeing this as an attempt to sexualise the act. They believe these pictures are meant to attract attention just to make the actress behind them, gain more traction and popularity. Isn’t that thought blatantly dumb?

These celebrities that work so hard to create their public image dare to take a moment away from all the styling, makeup and perfection, to share the vulnerable and real side of themselves with their fans. This isn’t sexualisation, this expresses their views and the need to make an impact.

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Why Is This ‘Public Display Of Affection’ So Essential?

Model Miranda Kerr was one of the originators of the act of posting a picture while breastfeeding her newborn son Flynn in 2011. Public opinion was instantly divided. Some people – women included – rounded on her, calling the image ‘sick’, ‘gross’, ‘messed up’ and ‘inappropriate’. Others supported her attempt towards promoting breastfeeding. A lot of other women have followed in her footsteps now, these women are known as ‘brelfie’ activists.


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The act of normalisation in itself starts with teaching the public to be comfortable with something. The fact that a mere picture can rile up such a response shows that we need more such pictures, to enter the mainstream. This can help make sure that seeing someone breastfeed feels normal to our eyes. This is bound to sombre down the way we react in the situation. Moreover, it has also begun genuine conversation around the subject, which further helps the cause.


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Furthermore, even the social media platforms like Facebook believe, “Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we’re glad to know that it’s important for mothers to share their experiences with others.” This has been officially added to their policies after they received mass complaints against the pictures put up by the celebrities, to celebrate this natural act, displaying the purest form of love.


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Adam Bear and Joshua Knobe of Yale University, who have studied normalisation, wrote recently in the New York Times that people tend to blur what is ‘desirable’ and what is average into a “single undifferentiated judgment of normality”. This can only be achieved if the act which needs to be normalised is owned up to and displayed proudly on various public podiums.

This is one of the reasons why we all seem to have adapted to the idea of the ‘new normal’ with such ease. We’ve just seen and heard it so many times that it has now become repetitive, normal for us to see and talk about it. This is another reason why this bold move by celebrities is the best way to help the normalization process of breastfeeding.


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It’s about time that we accept and normalize this natural and pure form of love. At the end of the day, we must realise that if the kid is hungry and keeps on crying, a mother’s heart is bound to react to it and feed them no matter where they are. Their nourishment and a mother’s love shouldn’t be viewed as obscene. Rather, it should be appreciated and be seen as natural and beautiful.

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