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Twitter User Points Out How ‘Women Mature Faster’ Is Used To Excuse Problematic Behaviour In Men. Twitter Concurs.

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If I had a penny for every time women’s own biology was used to put these down, I’d still not be as powerful as the richest man in the world. Because the society would still find a way to put me down. The problem isn’t that my biology is limiting, that I am the weaker sex, but the fact that society would collapse rather than see a woman succeed where a man hasn’t. So when such a travesty does happen, it will go to great lengths to attribute even that to women’s biology. For example, if a man does something wrong, or throws away responsible behaviour to act like a brat towards a woman, the excuse is that women mature faster than men. Therefore she should be the one more understanding. But when it comes to according women leaders the respect and authority they deserve, it’s usually never remembered.

Twitter user @Rukkkyg pointed the same out in her tweet, where she called out how this whole ‘women mature faster than men’ excuse is used to allow men to get away with problematic behaviour. Whether it is a male sibling getting away with their bad behaviour towards their sister, or back home, when really young girls are considered ready for marriage with much older men, with the explanation that while she may be younger in age, she is likely to be the same maturity level as he husband. What’s more, this ridiculous notion suddenly is flipped on its head and turned negative when an older woman is deemed unfit to marry a younger man, because she’d be too mature and he too juvenile for her.

With her tweet, @Rukkkyg opened the floodgates to more discourse on the this biased, misogynist outlook as well as other problematic behaviours of men that get excused in a similar fashion.

Someone pointed out how nobody remembers this supposed ‘ fast maturity’ of women when it comes to appointing them in leadership positions. If this saying were really true, then why aren’t majority of leadership positions filled by women? More mature is better decision-making, is it not?

And remember that other annoying statement that women are made to believe in from an early age? That if a boy behaves badly towards you, chances are that he likes you! This myth was busted quite well in the opening sequence of He’s Just Not That Into You, but I cannot believe how it is still something that continues to be taught to women so they can excuse men’s abysmal behaviour!

Many pointed out how ‘maturing’ means different things in this context. But mind you, none of them are good. For example, ‘girls mature faster’ could also mean how in some cultures, like our very own Indian culture, girls are taught to cook, clean and run households at a very early age. However, in others, ‘maturing early’ could have negative connotations, in that girls go through a lot of trauma (sexual harassment, abuse, gender bias, etc) very early on in life, while the boys live a very sheltered life.

The fact that this ‘maturing faster’ is often encouraged in women is another sickening offshoot of gender discrimination.

Many women shared their personal encounters with this type of bias, and as a fellow woman, it was downright frustrating to read!

Soon enough, there arrived on the thread scene people armed with science and research to back the claim up that women do indeed mature faster than men.

However, they clearly missed the point of the entire debate (maybe because they don’t mature as fast as women do?). The problem isn’t that we agree or disagree that girls mature faster than men. The point is this is being used as a blanket excuse to allow men leeways in their behaviour. Perhaps holding them down to responsibilities might be a way to ensuring they also develop the right maturity level at the right age, like women do. I mean, is it that hard, really? Or is there no intention of doing it at all?

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