10 Ways Women Unintentionally Encourage Toxic Masculinity. Time To Stop It, Ladies!

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10 Ways Women Unintentionally Encourage Toxic Masculinity. Time To Stop It, Ladies!

We have been surrounded by people constantly shooting gender roles and expectations on us. Whether you are a man or a woman, these gender roles just never leave your back, do they? From telling women how to sit, speak walk to telling men never to cry, it’s never-ending. Especially when it comes to toxic masculinity, men are sometimes too naive to break out of the routine. But toxic masculinity isn’t just about men; women can add to it without even knowing! Here are 10 ways women might help toxic masculinity stick around without meaning to!

1. Dating Toxic Men

Ever dated a guy who seems like he stepped out of a movie, but in reality, he’s more like a villain than a hero? Falling for toxic dudes and hoping they’ll magically change is like expecting a grumpy cat to turn into a playful puppy! Sometimes, women may mistakenly believe they can change these men, but in reality, this only normalizes their behaviour.

2. Defending Toxic Behavior

Ever find yourself covering for your partner’s not-so-cool behaviour? It’s like being the getaway driver for a bank robber – you’re part of the problem! Women may defend the toxic behaviour of men they’re involved with, enabling it to continue unchallenged.

3. Gendered Parenting

Imagine if boys were told to toughen up while girls got all the emotional support. That’s like giving girls flowers while handing boys a box of rocks – not fair, right? Treating sons and daughters differently from a young age, such as being more protective of daughters or encouraging traditional masculine behaviours in sons, reinforces gender stereotypes and contributes to toxic masculinity.

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4. Encouraging Traditional Gender Roles

Ladies, expecting guys to be knights in shining armour and pay for everything puts them in a tough spot! When women always expect guys to foot the bill or be the “knight in shining armour,” it keeps old-fashioned gender roles alive.

5. Body Shaming

Making fun of guys’ looks or bedroom skills is like poking fun at Superman’s cape – unnecessary and totally uncool! Teasing guys about their looks or performance can fuel toxic masculinity, pushing the idea that there’s only one way to be a “real man.” Let’s break free from those narrow views and lift each other up. Don’t body-shame men inside or outside the bedroom. Not only do you normalise body-shaming by doing that but you also encourage double standards which is not okay at all!

6. Financial Expectations

Splitting the bill or taking turns treating each other is the way to go. It’s like having a potluck instead of expecting one person to cook all the time – way more fun and fair. Thinking only guys should pay for dates or handle all the money stuff says guys are the only ones who can make dough. Nope, let’s share the cash responsibilities!

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7. Limiting Emotional Expression

Guys have feelings too! Encouraging them to open up is like unlocking a treasure chest of emotions – you never know what you’ll find, but it’s always worth it! Telling guys to toughen up and hide their feelings just adds to the idea that they can’t show any emotions except anger indirectly promotes toxic masculinity.

8. Expecting Men To Initiate

Why should guys always make the first move? It’s like waiting for a shooting star to grant your wish – sometimes you gotta make your own luck! Putting all the pressure on guys to make the first move keeps those old-fashioned dating rules alive.

9. Ignoring Men’s Issues

Brushing off guys’ problems is like pretending a fire alarm isn’t ringing – it’s loud and clear, but some folks choose to ignore it! Brushing off or ignoring when men go through tough stuff like assault or abuse just keeps them feeling like they gotta be tough all the time.

10. Stereotyping Masculine Traits

Making a big deal out of stuff like muscles or how popular a guy is without caring about who he really is inside just keeps guys stuck in this tiny box of what masculinity is. Celebrating guys for who they are, not just what they look like or how much they earn, is like finding a rare gem in a sea of rocks – valuable and truly special!

It’s important to know that these actions aren’t always on purpose; they’re often just habits of how society works. By speaking up and breaking these habits, both guys and gals can team up to make gender attitudes healthier and more welcoming for everyone.

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