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Vidya Balan Asks Women To Use Their Voice And Spell Out Their Choices. Preach Woman, Preach!

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One of the many things that I love about Vidya Balan is the fact that just like her movie roles, she is a strong woman in real life. Always standing up for herself, accepting who she is, being comfortable in her own skin and so on! So, it wasn’t a surprise when she spoke about how a woman can harness the power within and it made so much sense. The Bollywood actress is known to speak her mind and be bold with her ideas. And in her latest interview, Vidya Balan openly talks about women using their voices and spelling out their choices in order to convey what they want, need, or mean.

Vidya Balan in her latest interview spoke about how harnessing power from within means drawing healthy boundaries, putting yourself first, using your voice, learning how to say no, and being yourself without any apologies. And if a woman is not at that stage, it is fine too, but she needs to be working towards it. 


The Sherni actress further explains that channeling one’s inner goddess is about valuing your choices, spelling them out, and prioritizing yourself without having to feel selfish. She talks about how women are brought up in a way that they have to put themselves after they put everyone around them first and that idea needs to change. Vidya Balan states that women need to realize that they come first in their own lives and that they have the right to choose their dreams and health before they start prioritizing others.

The Bollywood actress also talks about how movies also help in highlighting the idea that women can and should prioritize. Vidya Balan believes that one of the reasons she picks strong women characters is because she gets drawn to them due to this idea. She goes on to add that it has been quite the journey for her as well to accept herself. And in order for anyone to accept themselves, she believes that “You have to be in allowance of your dreams that are beyond you or doing something that no one in your family has done before. You have to know and accept that there will be days when you will be more acceptable to people and some days when you won’t be, and that it’s okay. There will be days when I am angry, or badly behaved, or something like that; there will be days when I am intolerant, and days when I am kind, compassionate, and giving. All of that is a part of me and should be first accepted by me.”

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When speaking to Times of India, about the mother roles that she has played in movies, Vidya Balan said, “I remember talking about the change we need to see in the cinema, and one of the things I spoke strongly against was the glorification of the sacrificial mother. I have always disliked the idea… The films that came my way in the subsequent years, including the ones where I play a mother, like in Shakuntala Devi and Mission Mangal, had me essaying characters who wanted things for themselves; they had flaws, and they were thinking-feeling women. Mind you, that did not make them lesser mothers. We see women like that around us all the time. They have been punished and judged for having feelings, desires, which didn’t revolve around others and for not putting themselves behind everyone else. But it’s these women who have inspired other women to make choices irrespective of the repercussions.”

The Dirty Picture actress believes that the goddess resides within a woman rather than outside. According to her, when a woman truly channels her inner goddess the world has no other choice but to accept her for who she is, and that comes when the woman, herself, accepts herself as she is. Vidya Balan says that the way she channels her inner goddess is by choosing what she wants to do every day of her life.

She stated, “I try to be true to myself, I choose what I want to wear, who I want to meet or not meet, go with what I feel, and so on. I use my free time for myself… You learn to be okay with doing things that make you happy. That is how I channel the inner goddess in me. Spending time with myself has helped me understand what I want and what I feel. It doesn’t matter what is an ideal thing to do. I do what I think I want to do in a given situation. It’s a fine balance between prioritizing myself and not being selfish that I try to strike every day of my life.”

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Preach woman, preach! Honestly, her words should be used as a guide on how to be a woman of herself. I mean, women are always considered to be givers and they are, but in the process, they forget to give themselves the time, love, and care that they deserve. And it’s about time that we women prioritize, accept ourselves, and give ourselves the love that we deserve. What a wonderful message to share around the time of celebrating goddesses, right?

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