This Meme On How Men Behave After Cracking Sexist Jokes On The Internet Is The Fact Of The Day!

Men (insert teacup emoji)!

Most men are misogynists, let us all agree with this. There will be very few, an endangered species of men, who will always respect women, not crack wife jokes, not be a misogynist in any way, and lend a helping hand to the women in their lives in all things without thinking, “That’s a woman’s job!” But the double standards start to show eventually. They are all as sakht as they all seem on the Internet. A new meme trend has been raging online where a user shared how men be at night after being misogynists on the internet during the day, and we cannot help but agree with how true this is!

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The original picture was shared by an Instagram user with the username @adityabeforegeet. In the video, the guy has his head on his girl’s shoulder and looks at peace while his girlfriend looks fondly at him. In the caption of the post, it was written that this is how men be at the end of the day after cracking misogynist jokes on the internet all day.


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A lot of people commented on the post most of which were men who said they related to this meme! Men agreed and said that this was 100 per cent true while there were some hilarious comments on the OG post too. One of the commented that they were Salman Khan in real life. LOL! Another wrote that he forgets he is the sigma male when he is with his girl while one of them wrote that men do not have to be aggressive and strong all the time as women prefer soft men. Yes, soft and men go together in the same sentence.

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Also, if men think they are being all lovey-dovey with their woman is acceptable while they bash women online and misogynist jokes, then it is us women who need to start roasting men (insert teacup emoji)!

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