Malaysian Man Asks Ex-Crush To Return Money He Spent On Her Birthday Gift. Guess What Happened Next!

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Gifts are given to someone out of love, right? That was the common belief till now until I came across the bizarre news of a man asking his ex-crush to return the money with which he had bought her a gift! This entire incident raises so many questions about the man’s ethics and idea of love. Also, it’s rare to meet such kinds of people in life who teach you the lesson of never taking gifts from guys, no matter how much they force you to. The incident was shared by a Malaysian woman on her social media handle with chats as proof. 


A Malaysian man approached his ex-crush to demand the money back with which he had bought her a birthday gift. The woman with whom this bizarre incident happened shared the screenshots of the conversation on her Facebook account. The chats show that the man texted her for the money with which he gave her a gift years back. The woman also clarified that she never really wanted it but was insisted by the guy to take it. The man was in need of the money because he apparently had to invest it in his business and the sum was around Rs. 18000. When the woman did not reply instantly, he even went forward to text her friend for the same. 

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Well, eventually the woman did give him the money back but also with a lesson. She also told him to not give anyone a gift with such intentions.

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The man did have some kind of pull in this kind of act. The funny part was that these kinds of incidents are still something common if the man and woman were partners, here, she was his CRUSH! Ladies, you too take a lesson here, never accept gifts from someone who has a crush on you as you may not want such fuss in future.

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