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Twitter Slams CEO With 6 Kids For Sharing A Tone-Deaf Thread On His “Secret” To Success But Not Crediting His Wife

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Just a few days ago, I came across a LinkedIn post of a man trying to glorify his wife’s double burden and hailed her for “multitasking” in an appreciation post that reeked of male privilege. Even in today’s time we live in a world where men sit in their comfortable privileged place and pen fake AF appreciation posts for their “hard-working” and “multitasking” wives instead of getting their asses off the couch to actually lend them a hand. And then we have those who conveniently forget to credit their wives for taking care of everything so that they can have a smooth and comfortable work life. These successful men will credit everything from their education to their smart work for a seamless work-life balance and inspire the world but they’ll forget all about their wives who have been literally holding the fort all on their own. Recently, the CEO of a firm and a PhD holder took to Twitter to share his success story and his secret to keeping it together while adding that he is a CEO and a father to 6 kids but what he forgot, was to thank his wife who not only manages the 6 kids but also takes care of their home so he can achieve professional success. Kaafi humble.

In a now-deleted Twitter thread, Tobi Emonts-Holley shared how he does weekly reviews, checks messages and makes a to-do list and plans his day in order to keep up with the fast-paced life and the world. Now, from his tweets, one would assume that this man is a single father taking care of his 6 kids on his own while climbing up the ladder of success but we all know how internet sleuths are. Tweeple dug through the man’s tweets to reveal the real secret behind his success that he forgot to mention – his wife. Going through the man’s Twitter feed, you’ll see several pictures of him with his kids and tweets about fatherhood and babysitting but hardly anything about his wife, making it seem like he’s a single parent. And Twitter was quick to call him out on his sexist behaviour and underplaying his wife’s hard work and labour.

While several users pointed out how their wives have been their support system, others asked if this man’s wife has life goals and checklists of her own that remained unfulfilled as she was busy enabling him. Several users slammed him for writing a thread that is all about him and his male privilege. Other pointed out how he has a “slave” at home who does all the unpaid labour and heavy lifting needed for him to climb the ladder of success.

Netizens also seemed enraged by the fact that this man who barely contributes to his home has chosen to have 6 kids and made his wife go through all the pain and trouble. But TBH, I don’t think we should be talking about that. We cannot speak for the woman in question here.

But this tweet quoted by the user here is really problematic.

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Several Twitter users also suggested that the woman prioritise herself and others suggested that she go on a vacation for a week and let him be the father that he is and learn the real secret behind keeping it under control.

Well, we’re not surprised that he deleted his Twitter thread. I mean, he really had that coming. It’s funny how such privileged men choose to ignore their privilege and take the contribution of women for granted. We have a man here who has gained success and he has found an effective way to make the most of his time but it’s appalling that he forgot all about the fact that he has that much time on hand because his wife is handling the tantrums his kids are throwing and cooking and putting food on the table and cleaning up after him to ensure that he has nothing to worry about. This man forgot the fact that he has the luxury to climb the corporate ladder because his wife has been his rock and has given him the luxury to do it all without having to worry about the other things in his life. And no, his now-deleted half-assed apology does not suffice.

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