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This Woman Designed A Dress With 6 Ft Radius That Ensures Social Distancing Happens. It’s Genius!

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They say art imitates life and there have been several instances in the pandemic that evidence this old phrase. While we are cribbing about our life coming to a screeching halt, creators and artists are busy energising the situation into a work of art, like this young designer who created a 12ft social distancing dress inspired by the pandemic guidelines.

According to the CDC, people are instructed to maintain a physical and social distance of minimum 6 feet to avoid the contraction of coronavirus. However, while the face masks and sanitisers have become survival essentials for everyone in public spaces, social distancing is still hardly being followed. This creator came up with a brilliant solution to practice social distance and she is letting her extensive dress do it for her.

Shay, an Instagrammer who has a penchant for and incredible talent of creating dresses inspired by the clothes of celebrities and animated characters, decided to design a remarkable outfit based on the current pandemic. She made a pretty, pink and practical dress with 6 ft radius that meets fashion and function perfectly in the Covid era. She christened it the ‘social distancing dress’ as it would keep people coming too close and ensure that social distancing measure is followed near you. This is genius!

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She announced her new project on her social media account and took her followers through the making of the elaborate dress via BTS video. “New project – making a social distancing dress, with a 6ft radius! so its like your own little social distancing bubble…with all the social distancing guidelines going around, I thought it would be fun to make a goofy dress based on it,” read the caption. She also went on to give deets on how the dress came around. “I’ve only just started making this dress and its already been quite the journey – this is attempt #3 at making the hoopskirt 😭. I finally got a version that can (mostly) hold the shape, though I ended up making it about 2x too long 😅 (but luckily thats a pretty easy fix!)” it added further. Isn’t it the most practical fashion item to wear in the pandemic?

The dress took about two months to complete. It has an off-shoulder bodice, 12 ft diameter and a poufy hoopskirt made of tulle. She chose tulle fabric for the skirt because it’s extremely light as a feather and easy to carry. Plus, it’s cheap and since she had to use over 350 yards of fabric, tulle was the perfect choice. Not to mention, the sheer pink fabric made the dress look like pink fluffy cloud. PS, the dress rolls on wheels which makes this dreamy and magnificent outfit even more fun.

Shay’s social distancing dress is an innovation fashion piece that sprouted from the global crisis. However, she is a pro at conceptualising and designing various costumes and imitation of real-life dresses. Before this, she has recreated Lady Gaga’s Met Gala dresses, outfits inspired by mythical creatures like princesses and animated characters. Each of her garment is brilliantly detailed, aesthetically pleasing and so practical. Her Instagram feed is flooded with her innovative creations and the social distancing dress is just one example of her creative genius.


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This dress is perfect example of how the pandemic has shaped fashion. When Shay put the final photoshoot with the dress, she posed with a matching face mask, because that’s important, and mentioned in the caption that it was done in a large parking space because that’s the only area where this dress could fit. I really hope this becomes the next big thing in fashion because honestly, I think I would want the social distancing dress even after the pandemic too just to keep people 6ft away. Okay, where do I get one for myself?

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