This 74 YO Granny Breaks Ageist Fashion Rules By Tossing Her Drab Clothes For Sexier Outfits. We Love Her


You should dress according to your age. This has been the most ridiculous and false fashion myth we have been living and believing since forever. However, fashion isn’t restricted to age, race and even gender today and we see people smash these style stereotypes left, right and center. Be it the pop singer Harry Style wearing feminine dressing or this 74-year-old granny who is wearing  cute skirts, shimmery tops lacy outfits. There is a misconception that older women should stick to dull colours, old-fashioned styles and fabrics that aren’t too racy. But Chapman doesn’t believe in wearing frumpy clothes just because the society wants her to. In fact, she completely changed her wardrobe and tossed her dull and dreary clothes for flirty, playful and ultra glam outfits.

At 50, she found herself in mid-life crisis because well, ageing is hard and she wasn’t really happy about the wrinkles and rolls that came with it. She didn’t feel sexy and her wardrobe had a lot to do with it too. She said “When I was in my late 50s I got really down about my age. I hated my wrinkles, the rolls around my middle and the way I had started to look. I had put on weight, I hated most of my clothes and I really started to look dumpy. But I started to question why I couldn’t still be sexy in my older years and I decided I just needed to embrace my age and wear whatever I wanted. I started buying mini skirts and sequin dresses, colourful platform heels and feather boas. I had been told as a teenager I had chicken legs so I’d always been self conscious of them. But, I realised they were lovely and decided to show them off a lot. I filled my wardrobe wardrobe with all the party outfits a 20 year old girl dreams of.” How cool is she!

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Women are often reluctant to wear shorter clothes, skimpier skirts and chic patterns once they hit 40s or 50s. I don’t remember the number of times my mom has refused to wear sequence or cute patterns because she thinks it’s not for her anymore. Fashion brands are now trying to fight this ageist phenomenon by dropping peppy styles for older generations while incorporating sophisticated florals and pastel colour schemes for young adults which was traditionally meant for older people. However, this will change only when people will break free of this unwritten fashion rule that says older people can’t dress sexy. Eva Chapman is an inspiration who also encouraged her daughter and granddaughter to dress as they please, not how they are expected to. Now, they borrow clothes from her closet all the time.

Chapman said that now that she dresses differently, ahem, sexier, she feels more confident about herself. “I feel much sexier than when I was in my 20s, I’m the best I’ve ever looked,” she said. I am aware of the wonders of retail therapy but switching your whole wardrobe for some rebellious style must feel real good. And although it’s none of our business, but she shared that dressing up in sexier outfits also improved her sex life with her husband too. Well, we are happy for her!

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