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Sushmita Sen Said She Repeats Clothes And It’s The Most Relatable Thing We’ve Heard From A Celebrity. PS, More Celebs Need To Normalise This

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Every time my mom sees me as much as opening a shopping app on my phone, she makes sure to remind me of the million clothes that are stuffed in my wardrobe claiming I’ve never touched them (I have, I swear!) The only thing she doesn’t do, and I think she would if she knew how to, is to send me the Kangana Ranuat’s meme where she says, ‘tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas to duniya bhar ka paisa hai’. I am pretty sure my mom would force me to even repeat my wedding lehenga too a couple of times as she hates a good piece of clothing going to waste, eating dust in a box, which is fair. For the longest time, I thought this was a very ‘Indian household’ thing which celebrities never have a problem with. Because, you see, you almost never see them repeating their OOTDs. Don’t they have middle-class desi moms or what?

But thankfully there’s celebrity who is unapologetically real, relatable and very much like you and me, apart from the fact that she is a former Miss Universe while we are bunch of potatoes in front of her. I am talking about Sushmita Sen who recently revealed that despite what the fashion police think, she has no problem repeating clothes and shoes. Talking to IANS, she said, “I may not always get praise from the fashion police, but my fashion is for me and I am very comfortable with it. I also repeat my clothes and my shoes as I cannot live with the idea of spending big amounts of money just to be photographed once in it.” Can we seriously have more celebrities being as candid and genuine as her in real life?

Repeating clothes isn’t just a sign of modesty or a definition of your status but is in fact a choice you make towards the long road to sustainable fashion. It is the bare minimum you could do to minimize textile waste in the long run. Reusing and repeating clothes is an eco-friendly practise that famous people are rarely spotted contributing too. Most of them arrive in a brand-new outfit for the the high-profile events, red carpets and press junkets which, if you think about it, leads to heaps of packaging plastic and fabric waste dumped into the environment. Even their airport looks and gym outfits are hardly ever worn before, which is seriously problematic.


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Sushmita also went on to say that when fashion is concerned, comfort comes first for her. It’s another thing that she could wear a sack and would still look incredibly gorgeous. She said, “As many have come to see the way I dress, I am hardly conscious of the fashion critics while picking my outfits. Whether it is with heels or clothing, comfort is my top priority.”

IMO, celebrities need to be more conscious towards environment and if upcycling and recycling an outfit seems a bit cumbersome, the least they can do is normalise repetition of their clothes and shoes and encourage their fans to do the same. Because really nobody cares about them wearing a new outfit every time but we do care about our planet.

Sushmita is going to judge Myntra Fashion Superstar and talking about the same, she said, “Fashion has a special place in my heart. From when I began my modelling career to being Miss Universe and travelling around the globe, I have learned that fashion is like a book. It shouldn’t be judged by its cover. However, the reason we put a lot of thought into how we present ourselves in the fashion industry is that it is the way we connect and inspire with people around the world.”

Fashion is a great tool to inspire and bring a social change, which celebrities like Sushmita Sen has the power and platform to make use of. With the textile industry being one of the major polluters in the world, using clothes judicially and sustainably should be the top most priority and responsibility of the celebrities. Aren’t they the ones who endorse sustainable brands? About time they take a stand for sustainable fashion by being conscious consumers and repeating clothes like the rest of us.

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