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Why Are We So Quick To Label A Woman, Even A Beloved Celeb Like Sushmita Sen, A ‘Gold-Digger’?

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We live in a world where toxicity seems to be slowly replacing love as the strongest emotional bond and judgement has become the king. We tend to not only judge a book by its cover but, also tag it and put it in a box without as much as a second thought. This is what has occurred with the world hearing the news about Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi. Yes, they are dating and unfortunately, the minute we see a woman with a rich man, she gets categorised as a gold-digger, and that is what seems to have happened to Sushmita Sen too. This just doesn’t sit right with me and it shouldn’t with you either. We always hope and wish for our favourite celebrities to be more real and vulnerable with us, we want them to tell us about their life and the minute they do? We judge them! And this isn’t the first time.

Sushmita Sen And Her Image

Sushmita Sen has been linked to a few men in the past including Randeep Hooda, Mudassar Aziz and Rohman Shawl, but the actress hasn’t ‘ended up’ with anyone because she understands her self-worth. In an interview, a few years back, she mentioned that she will only settle down when a man can understand, support, and afford her which basically goes to show that she knows how to love and value herself.

Sushmita has always been one of the most beloved and respected beauty queens in the world. She has been an on-and-off Bollywood actress and a fitness queen who is talented beyond bounds. She has been appreciated for her morality, beauty, and sheer intelligence. So, why have we now reduced her to a tag, just because of who she is dating?

Then, What’s With All These Tags?

The moment when Lalit Modi took to social media to share the post filled with his pictures with Sushmita Sen and announced a ‘new beginning,’ the judging began. First, they spoke about their ages, then his white hair, they have turned into memes and a trend following which they decided that she was a gold-digger because that’s probably the only reason as to why she’d end up with “someone like him”. Now I get it, we are all shocked that this happened. But then, can we accept it and move on?

We should ask ourselves, why do we have to just skip over the power of love and let something so beautiful, turn into something so toxic? Is it that we have forgotten what love means or that we have to always undermine a confident woman when she decides to be real and true to herself.

Even in the case of Rohman Shawl, Sushmita Sen was judged for dating him because he was younger than her. Rohman and she are still friends he was happy for her when he heard the news. He was quoted saying, “Let’s be happy for them na. Love is beautiful. All I know is if she has chosen someone, he is worth it!”  Doesn’t that have to say something about how great this woman is?

The Beautiful Love Story Of Sushmita Sen And Lalit Modi

Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen have known each other for years now. In fact, in 2013, Lalit took to Twitter to ask Sushmita Sen to respond to his text message and it seems to be clear that he has manifested the crush of his life with the magic of love. Or at least that’s what Twitter’s getting at by digging up the old tweet. I get it, it’s kind of funny, and some harmless meme-ing is not going to hurt anyone. But then, why do we have this need to tear them down and judge the book by its cover?

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This could’ve been just another celebrity dating news, but instead, we’re taking digs at them and their relationship. We’re scrolling like crazy people to look for stuff that they might’ve said or tweeted about each other, to make trends and memes? That’s just petty. And the gold-digger jibes are pettier.

It doesn’t take people even a second to start labelling women for their choices, and almost always, it’s a case of her being after a man’s money. The same has happened with Amber Heard, where the court of public opinion has already declared her a gold-digger, with some celebs like Mickey Rourke joining in. It’s a trend that needs to stop.

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