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Sushmita Sen’s Daughter Renée Has The Sweetest Response To Questions About Her ‘Real Mother’ Which, BTW, People Need To Stop Asking!

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There are some celebrity social media accounts that give you anxiety (Kangana Ranaut), and some that make you fan yourself (Ranveer Singh, I’m talking to you). And then there are those that are so wholesome that you just want to wish all the happiness to them, hoping that they continue to remain so. I’ve always thought Sushmita Sen on Instagram is one of those. The woman is already such a queen (and I was so happy to see her return to screen with Aarya last year). And when she posts pictures of herself living her best life with daughters Renée and Alisah, or boyfriend Rohman Shawl, of course ending the caption with her trademark ‘Dugga Duggal’, it makes me love her even more.

And yet, there are some people who just want to ask questions that’ve really stopped mattering and need to be done away with after all these years. Particularly, the ones about Sush adopting her two daughters. Sushmita Sen adopted Renée in 2000 and Alisah in 2010. And while initially she was the one being asked questions about being a single mother who chose to adopt instead of marry and give birth, now that her daughters are all grown up, they are the ones being asked questions about their parentage.

Sushmita’s elder, Renée recently made her acting debut in a short film called Suttabaazi and is gearing up to follow in her mother’s footsteps, to make a big Bollywood debut. In an interview, she was asked if she ever gets asked about her adoption, and whether any of these questions tend to cross a line and bother her. And Renée said that the one question that she got a lot was people asking her about her curiosity about her biological mother. And her response to that is the sweetest and actually quite perfect.

“You know, on my Instagram, I was asked this questions: ‘Who’s your real mother?’ I would just like to say, ‘please define real mother’. What is a ‘real mother’?”

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Clearly, people on social media aren’t exactly sensitive when it comes to prying into other people’s lives, especially if it is a celebrity. However, being an adopted child is something that merits some tact from people. Again, nobody’s asking to tiptoe around adoptive children, but at least respect their decision to not talk about this personal aspect of their lives.

Renée said, “See, I understand that people are interested in our lives, in what we eat. It’s fine, but I do feel like people need to be nicer to each other. My truth is very out and open. But what if it’s someone else? We don’t know how it’ll affect them. So, yes, I feel like we must be a little sensitive. For me, it’s different, because I’ve grown up with this… For me, it doesn’t matter. But for someone else who wants to keep their life private, we don’t know how your question can affect them. Let’s not ask until a person tell you themselves.”

Well, I can actually picture Sushmita Sen feeling all mushy over Renée’s response and saying, “Aww, mera baccha!”

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