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Sirona Hygiene, A Company Catering To Women, Puts Out An Insensitive Marketing Post Ft. Amber Heard

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There is no denying that to stay relevant most companies nowadays market their products using trending memes. And now, because of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case, it is a quote from the Aquaman actress’ testimony that has gone viral – “My dog stepped on a bee” and creative memes have been made out of it. Now, while making a meme is also extremely insensitive, using that to market a product is just worse. Yep, a menstrual hygiene company named Sirona Hygiene used the meme to announce that they were giving away refreshing intimate wash for those who are taking the survey.

Sirona Hygiene, which sells menstrual hygiene products, recently shared a post which announced how they were giving away “refreshing intimate wash” for those who take the survey. While it was a normal announcement, the way they announced it was what didn’t sit well with the Twitterati. Why? Because they quoted Amber Heard from her testimony in the defamation case.

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The Sirona Hygiene post shared a picture of Amber Heard and the quote written on it – “My dog stepped on a bee” followed by the line, “Refreshing Intimate Wash Free”.

Sharing the Amber Heard marketing post by Sirona Hygiene, a Twitter user said, “Is this how we’re marketing products for feminine hygiene? Pathetic @SironaHygiene”

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It is really insensitive to use a quote from such an important defamation case. Making memes and using it like this for marketing just shows how we’re undervaluing the testimony and everything she is saying. Whether or not you believe what she said was true or lies, is a personal opinion but making fun of it is just not okay. And it is especially worse from Sirona Hygiene, since it is a company that caters to women themselves. I’m not saying be supportive but let’s not take sides especially since we don’t know who is right and wrong.

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