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Shefali Jariwala Gets Trolled For Wearing Shorts. Even In The Pandemic, We Are Concerned About Women’s Clothes

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We are in the middle of the pandemic and social media is proving to be the most powerful tool. I think it’s safe to say that it is working even better than Government bodies right now. With people sharing stories of contacts and helping strangers with leads on WhatsApp groups and Twitter, the support and empathy is evident on social media. However, this is just one section of people who are making good use of these platforms and coming out to help others in these grim times. The other section of people is least bothered with what’s happening and are instead showing their concerns about the length of women’s clothes. ‘Cause that’s also important?

It so happened that Shefali Jariwala stepped out to buy essentials during lockdown wearing a white shirt and denim shorts. The outfit is summery and casual which is apt for grocery shopping. She also had a mask on which we believe she only removed while getting photographed. Anyway, there is nothing too skimpy or troll-worthy in her outfit but the moral police on Twitter found her shorts too short to wear in public. *Rolls eyes* 

A user wrote, “I hope the ‘essentials’ included a decent pair of jeans.” Someone else commented, “Oh god grocery k liye bhi ye clothes wear karna zarori rehta kya? (Oh god is it necessary to wear these kinds of clothes even for grocery?)”  Guys, there are bigger things happening in the world that could really use your attention to detail and valuable presence on social media. Like, helping people in need? You are clearly using your powers in a wrong way.


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The worst thing about this highly insensitive and ill-timed trolling is how low some people can get with the comments. From slut-shaming to using really disgusting remarks, they don’t leave a stone unturned. A user wrote “Corona ghus jayega chaddi me” This is probably the most absurd comment I have come across on a celebrity picture and seriously, people are sick! Shefali isn’t the one and pandemic, or not, anything a female celebrity wears anyway sparks a troll fest. Whether it’s Malaika Arora in gym wear or Sara Ali Khan in a bikini, the trolls always have something or the other to say about their clothes and slut-shame them.

You cannot really argue with these trolls about whether the length of shorts is inappropriate or the leggings are too tight or if wearing a bikini is okay when you are on a vacation with your family. The least we could expect from everyone on social media is to be a little sensitive towards others especially when there is a literal global crisis going on. And maybe use a platform like these to a better use. And if that’s too much to ask for, we would request these online moral police/fashion critics to please leave women and their choice of clothes alone. No one needs more negativity when our feeds are filled with deaths, disappointment and distress. 

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