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Selena Gomez’s Makeup Line Rare Beauty Advocates Self-Acceptance And Promotes Mental Health Awareness. We Love Beauty With A Purpose

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The beauty industry has been tainted with the false idea of how a woman should look and has been blamed for propagating the outdated standards of beauty for a long time. There’s a general perception regarding makeup that it needs to transform the way you look, that it should make you look younger and flawless like those retouched photos of models you see on the billboards. But actually, makeup means so much more than that and it has a different meaning for different women, or men (yes, they love makeup too). For me it could be playing with colours, while for you could be all about trying out new trends. Basically, it is about feeling confident and more importantly, feeling like yourself.

But one look at the superficial world of social media, filtered selfies and picture-perfect influencer poses, you’d know how makeup serves us a tool to redefine yourself and look a certain way. Those beauty filter apps and snapchat filters are proof that there’s a social pressure to look flawless on social media and this makes for a great ploy to milk money out of people’s insecurities.

However, Selena Gomez’s new makeup line is completely against this idea. With the rarest of the thoughts (maybe that’s how she came up with the name), Selena’s brand wants women to express their self-beauty and not feel the pressure to look like someone else. Rare Beauty, which is going to hit the shelves on 3 September, advocates self-acceptance above all. What’s more is that it also aims at working for mental health awareness and has set up a Rare Impact Fund for this very purpose. This brand is clearly beyond making profits and we are here for it.

Talking about the inspiration of the brand, Selena told E!, “When I would talk to fans… I was just flabbergasted that these young girls think they need to feel and… be a certain way. And I’m not afraid to say it, it sometimes makes me uncomfortable.” “Because they’re so young and they’re worried about all these things, and they’re dressed a certain way. I wanted to break that mold just a bit,” she added. She said that’s when she realised there’s a need to bring in a change. “And I don’t judge you, you should wear your makeup however you want to wear your makeup. But I think that’s when I started realizing that it’s about how you feel inside,” she said.

Selena has been open about her own mental health issues. She has struggled with anxiety, depression and panic attacks in the past. Some time back, she revealed that she was diagnosed as being bipolar. Being a celebrity puts you in a spotlight and Selena has gone through the scrutiny and expectations to look perfect. She told a magazine back in 2017 that fame hasn’t been too easy on her health. Her idea of beauty changed when started taking care of her wellbeing and putting herself above anything else. “Because I have struggled, very openly, about anxiety, depression and mental health, I would say therapy and the time that I’ve taken for myself has actually just reflected everything that I’ve been releasing. And I don’t know if anyone can tell or cares, but you could just see the amount of happiness with what I do have and with what I’m blessed with,” she told E Online.

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The mission of the brand is to promote healthy body image and supports mental health. The statement on the Rare Beauty’s website,, goes, “Supporting the mental health of our community, employees, and partners is core to everything we do.” “By celebrating our uniqueness and supporting each other, we aim to reduce the stigma associated with talking about mental health and to reduce feelings of loneliness,” it continues.

The beauty line is inclusive and covers almost all your makeup staples in its umbrella. It specifically caters to every skin tone and skin needs. The line includes 48 foundation shades, 48 concealers, 12 liquid lipsticks, 8 lip balms, 8 eyebrow pencils, a liquid liner, a primer, 8 blush shades and 8 highlighters (both liquid). It also features a face mist, a touch-up set and three makeup tools. Talking about the vast range of products, Selena said, “We wanted to start with a pretty broad range of selections. Because I want everyone to pick and choose.” “I wanted it to be a home for everyone. It was beyond what the makeup is…,” “Making sure it’s also something that’s easy for you to use and for you to feel beautiful in,” she further added.

We love how not only the brand is redefining beauty and promoting self-acceptance but also is inclusive of women of every race and colour. It’s true that the so-called ideal beauty standards and expectations to look a certain way can hamper mental health, especially that of young girls who look up to seemingly perfect models. Makeup shouldn’t be backing the impression of looking flawless but rather being okay with your flaws. And, Selena seems to do this right with her beauty brand. We support!

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