Hautetalk: Sana Javed Gets Dragged For Marrying Sania Mirza’s Ex. Why Is It Always The Other Woman But Never The Man?

How is this justified?
Hautetalk: Sana Javed Gets Dragged For Marrying Sania Mirza’s Ex. Why Is It Always The Other Woman But Never The Man?

Women often bear the brunt of society’s unjustified norms, that they in some manner refuse to follow. Be it picking the kind of clothes, makeup, career or even falling in love, when not adhering to the societal idea of it, there is great distress in the way people react to the narrative that comes out for public consumption. An appropriate example of the same is Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s third marriage with Pakistani actress Sana Javed.

After speculations around their relationship, besides their respective marriages, the news of their wedding came out as a shocker to us. With hardly anybody being happy about it, most people expressed their shock on the internet, accusing the couple of infidelity. Fans back home in India, supported tennis star Sania Mirza, when wedding pictures of Shoaib and Sana came out, enquiring if he ever divorced her, or cheated on her.


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Not just that, Shoiab and Sana became a subject of widespread discussion, and welcomed hate from both nations for choosing to re-marry, while allegedly still being in a relationship. Amidst all the buzz, Shoaib and Sana remained unaffected by the controversies and continued to share their sweet moments post-marriage. One of which was Sana’s presence at the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which she attended to cheer for her husband Shoaib.


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While we all expected Javed to be there, what many of us didn’t expect was the crowd’s “distasteful” behaviour towards her. When leaving the ground, the actress was welcomed with chants of “Sania Mirza” from the spectators, done to trigger the actress for her latest marriage to Mirza’s ex-husband Shoaib. Ignoring the crowd, Sana seemed disturbed by the behaviour and in no time exited the pitch. Okay, but was the crowd’s reaction justified?

No, right? I mean, besides whatever the media and fans assumed about their relationship, how fair is it to call out the “other woman” in the relationship, for the doings of a woman’s husband? Why heckle and bother Sana in the name of Sania, and not Shoaib, who allegedly had an extra-marital affair with the Pakistani actress? The questions seem to have been unattended for years.


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In society and otherwise, we have often seen people targeting the “other woman” in the relationship, while the person at fault is their husband. Remember when Gauri Khan alongside Karan Johar allegedly tried to sabotage Priyanka Chopra’s career, when rumours of her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan brewed? Also when Rekha ji was constantly called out for her love affair with Amitabh Bachchan, while the actor was already married to Jaya Bachchan? How is it the fault of the “other woman,” when your own partner is the one to be held accountable for?


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What made us furious was how normalised fans made this behaviour on the internet, while justifying it and saying “Sana Javed deserved it.” This situation also sheds light on the almost dead vanity that actors hold today, and how on the basis of assumptions, their fans choose to make claims. What we feel is bullying at every level is a disgusting act, moreover bullying the “other woman,” instead of the man in the relationship himself is a concept we fail to wrap our heads around. This instance is a depiction of the problematic biases that society holds in the name of gender, relationships, and cheating. Why just judge the woman, and not the man? Wasn’t he equally involved in the relationship, both while building a new one and even breaking an old one? Was Shoaib called a “wife stealer,” with regards to Sana’s ex-husband Umair Jaswal?

Why is it that women bear a bigger brunt than men, for making the same decisions or mistakes? Terms like “home wreckers,” “gold diggers,” and “husband stealers,” often define the mindset of the society, that burdens women with the weight of keeping the pride of the family high. Isn’t the man equally responsible for the same? Wasn’t Shoaib Malik more answerable to ex-wife Sania Mirza, than his new partner Sana Javed? I mean, it isn’t okay to bash people and publicly shame them, also because their lives as celebrities are open for public consumption. And as we wait for society’s deep-rooted misogyny and ideologies of patriarchy to get cropped out, let me take a sweet nap, because I know it is gonna take another decade to come to life.

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