Raksha Bandhan 2023: 7 Reasons Why Brothers Raised By Sisters Are Men Written By Women

Happy Raksha Bandhan, everyone!

The bond between a brother and a sister goes beyond the understanding of those who have not experienced it. Feeling annoyed at your brother 24/7 but also feeling and feeling an overwhelming urge to protect him is a paradox that is often confusing to others. But there is a huge difference between brothers who have sisters as siblings and those who don’t. Brothers who have sisters as siblings are practically raised by them irrespective of the fact that they are younger or older than them.

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Sisters knock some sense into brothers about topics that even parents cannot. There is a bookish term where we say ‘men written by women’ which means these men are sensitive, mature, feminist allies, protective and not man-children. So, here are 5 reasons why brothers who are raised by sisters are men written by women!

1. They stand up for you

Unlike other men, brothers who are raised by sisters have seen their behens fight for most basic things at home be it permission to go out or not marry when their parents ask them to. So, brothers stand up for their sisters and tell their parents that they are openly discriminating between them.

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2. They understand period pain

Your brother has seen you struggle with period pain and knows how difficult it is for you to deal with it. So, they are sensitive about it and do not make jokes about your pain. Instead, they will help you if you ask them to.

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3. They shut down sexist jokes made by their friends

Brothers who are raised by sisters are not sexists or misogynists but they are allies. They are taught by their sisters that laughing at sexist jokes is not cool and keeping this in mind, they will also try and knock sense into their friends as well.

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4. They always hype you up

When brothers who are raised by sisters see them succeed in life, they always cheer for them. They will never doubt your capabilities and even push you to do better. They will never ask you to stop being ambitious because they will always believe in you.

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5. They are your personal bodyguards

Brothers raised by sisters are their personal bodyguards. One look is all it takes to make the brothers know that someone is making them feel uncomfortable and they are ready to wage war on the creepster! If they are the peace-loving kind, they will immediately get you out of such situations.

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6. They identify your partner’s red flags

Brothers raised by sisters will immediately recognise their partner’s toxic traits. They cannot see you suffer at the hands of your partner and if things look seriously wrong on your relationship front, they will also ask you to dump your partner because deserve better!

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7. They respect other women

Brothers who have grown up with sisters will always respect other women. They know it is wrong to catcall, insult, and slut-shame a woman.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan to all those celebrating and a special shoutout to those brothers who are raised by sisters. You all are the OG green flags!

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